Xavier Rudd in concert at Fortezza Nuova

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Xavier Rudd in concert at Fortezza Nuova

Concert start at 9:00 PM, tickets available on Ticketone and Ticketmaster, standing single seat, 25 euros plus presale fees


Last but not least, the only Tuscan date of Xavier Rudd is the third appointment announced by The Cage for the season at Fortezza Nuova. After the long tour that took him around Italy last year, the Australian folk singer-songwriter is making his return announcing five solo summer appointments all over the boot. The Cage confirms itself as one of the most vital realities in the territory and brings a great artist of international level to Livorno. Born in 1978 in the seaside town of Torquay, Australia, Xavier Rudd is a multi-instrumentalist and folk singer-songwriter known for music with primitive atmospheres and for being a true one-man band: during his performances he usually plays three didgeridoos, a guitar, a stompbox, and a whole series of basses, banjos, harmonicas, and drums. A sound that exudes contaminations from all over the world for an essential and delicate style, at times rough and melancholic, and socially engaged lyrics that speak about nature, environmentalism, and Aboriginal rights, Rudd is also a Canadian citizen and has a remarkable following in his home country and in North America. The concert at Fortezza Nuova promises to be intense and vibrant, an unmissable event for all lovers of ethnic music and neo-hippy influences, as well as for all those who want to enjoy a multifaceted and deep artist, perhaps barefoot, sipping a beer under the hot August sky in Livorno. The concert will also be an opportunity to listen to the tracks of Freedom Sessions, Rudd’s new EP, set to be released on March 29th by Salt.X Records/Virgin Music Group: “It’s my first EP in twenty-five years and it’s a celebration of the blessing of ‘freedom’, a simple state of being in which we should all have the right to exist. As a sensitive species of the planet that has moved away from its original form, and has lost its connection with it, we are all seeking the way to a place of complete inner peace. Due to the world order that has governed the planet and its peoples over the centuries, we find ourselves dealing with a series of generational traumas and conditionings that permeate our hearts and minds. That’s life… some days we have to climb uphill with a heavy load on us, other days we feel like we could take flight”.

Xavier Rudd in concert at Fortezza Nuova
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