Voices of Women. Letters to Mascagni
  • Fri 26 January 2024

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Voices of Women. Letters to Mascagni

Friday, January 26, 9:00 PM
Theater Goldoni
Voices of Women. Letters to Mascagni

text and direction Eleonora Zacchi
cast Eleonora Zacchi and Riccardo De Francesca
soprano Rachel Stellacci
mezzo-soprano Laura Brioli
piano Scilla Lenzi
artistic supervision Emanuele Gamba
production Centro Artistico il Grattacielo/Contrada Badessa

An event proposed by Rotary Club Livorno Mascagni in collaboration with Centro Artistico “Il Grattacielo” under the patronage of Comune di Livorno, in support of the “Airone” project coordinated by the Association “Il giardino segreto” which supports children and teenagers orphaned by femicide.
The artwork that outlives the artist, carrying with it the wisdom and knowledge that deserve to be heard and passed down through the centuries. This is the beginning of the show. Thus, the protagonists of Mascagni’s works, who have survived the great master and whose stories have become eternal and immortal characters, are still able today to tell about themselves through letters sent to the musician. The tales engage the listeners in a passionate flow of thoughts and reflections. Once again, the condition of women takes center stage and art communicates truth to us. The presence of the master is evoked by the protagonists who relive together with the story some significant passages and thus evoke his presence.

Voices of Women. Letters to Mascagni
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