A day for peace at The Cage
  • Sat 14 October 2023
The Cage Theatre

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A day for peace at The Cage

An entire day to talk about peace in one of the places closest to the sensitivity of young people, with a perspective that goes beyond the city

The Anppia organizes a regional event at the Villa Corridi theater to bring the topics of disarmament and dialogue back to the center of public debate and in front of the new generations. The appointment is at 5:00 PM at the Villa Corridi theater, for a meeting that will see some central figures of Italian pacifism, both secular and Catholic, engage in a discussion. At the end of the debate, an aperitif, completely offered by Anppia, is scheduled, while starting from 9:30 PM the gates will open for the concert of Lorenzo Iuracà and Iosonotommi (show starts at 10:30 PM).

THE DEBATE – Organized with the contribution of the Regional Council of Tuscany, the debate Let’s talk about conflicts and peace will bring four special guests to Livorno: Raffaele Crocco, a Rai journalist and director of the project World Atlas of Wars and Conflicts of the association 46° Parallelo; Don Albino Bizzotto, a historic voice of the Italian Catholic pacifist world and founder of the association Blessed are the peacemakers (an association that also includes Father Alex Zanotelli among its members), as well as the organizer of the nonviolent march that managed to enter besieged Sarajevo in 1992; the professor and constitutionalist of the Sant’Anna School in Pisa Emanuele Rossi and the political journalist of Repubblica Matteo Pucciarelli, who has just published the book War on War – A Guide to Ideas and Practices of Italian Pacifism for Laterza. “In this historical phase, we are giving up seeking peaceful solutions, we are militarizing every problem, as if conflicts could be resolved with weapons,” explains Renzo Bacci of Anppia. “Instead, we need to avoid new and continuous bloodshed and resume the path of peace, which must be the only way, both for secular people and for Catholics, to solve the problems of our time. Moreover, experience should teach us that war has never led to any solutions, but only to new suffering: just think of Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya.” The debate will be moderated by journalist from Granducato Antonello Riccelli. Free entry.

THE CONCERT – The post-debate concert will feature two artists from Livorno. Lorenzo Iuracà, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, will present a new live performance as a trio, Quello che mi va: a show that will take him back to the origins of his passion for music and will propose some of his historic repertoire re-arranged in a pop/funk style, as well as some songs from his upcoming album. After performing on numerous stages and having different experiences, Lorenzo Iuracà has deepened the search for his own artistic personality, managing to give life to a truly original and unmistakable style, which found its key in rhythm. This is the lineup that will be on The Cage stage: Lorenzo Iuracà on vocals and drums, Nicola Barontini on electric guitar, Simone Velotto on bass.

Tommaso Ferrara, known as Iosonotommi, is a Tuscan singer-songwriter: he released his latest single Ho finito le canzoni in February, completing a journey that started in 2022, the year of the release of his first single. Iosonotommi writes and tells about what he experiences and translates stories and images of everyday life into music, through a sound derived from Britpop and new-wave/lo-fi. Tickets available on TicketSms starting from 11 euros. Following that, there will be a DJ set by My Generation to dance until late at night. Tickets available at the door, cost 10 euros including a drink.

A day for peace at The Cage
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