Tuscany Medieval Festival
  • From Fri 10 May to Sun 12 May

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Tuscany Medieval Festival

From 2022, the Fortezza Nuova in Livorno hosts the Leghorn Medieval Festival, an educational and exciting experience suitable for visitors of all ages.

From 2024, our event becomes even bigger and even more exciting! Welcome to the Tuscany Medieval Festival.

Be fascinated by ladies and knights, battles and shows, art and crafts, and much, much more.


The White Company a.p.s. of Livorno is pleased to present the Tuscany Medieval Festival, the evolution of the format that for two years has been known as Leghorn Medieval Festival and has been very successful. This year too, the location will be the Fortezza Nuova in Livorno, with a revised and optimized path for visitors to experience all the activities of the festival to the fullest. The event will take place on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, and Sunday 12th May 2024.

Our aim is to create an ecosystem of interests mainly related to the Medieval period that is attractive to different interest groups, with the goal of introducing various aspects of history, customs, and traditions of different people, nations, and societies in an environment rich in stimuli, fun, but also culture and historical dissemination.

That’s why we chose the festival format rather than just a historical party or reenactment event, in order to include many different elements such as music and concerts, games, family activities, live performances of various kinds, folklore, markets, crafts, food, sports, competitions, reenactments, and historical dissemination.

The main novelties of 2024 will be the presence of the international Buhurt circuit (full-contact medieval combat sports competitions) organized by Magna Carta, which will present the Joust of Giovanni, a tournament with participants from many European countries challenging the Italian ones on Saturday and Sunday. Another novelty this year is the collaboration with the Città di Livorno Rowing Races, which will give life, with the participation of all nautical sections, to the first Palio De’Medici, where the wineries will compete in challenges and demonstrations along the moats of the Fortezza from 7:00 pm on Friday.

Also this year, during the Saturday afternoon, there will be a parade with all three hundred participants of the Tuscany Medieval Festival who, after the typical knights’ blessing in front of the cathedral, will parade to the Fortezza Nuova. The Saturday afternoon will also be enriched by the inevitable horse joust, where brave knights will challenge each other one on one without holding back.

Among the many musical groups and performers present, the Sunday evening concert at 8:45 pm will be entrusted to the Italian folk metal group Furor Gallico, which will perform with their new album ‘Future to Come’ for the first time in Livorno.

Performances are scheduled until midnight every day, with concerts by themed musical groups, educational and practical activities for both adults and children with historical games and archery.
There will also be food and drink areas, also featuring artisanal and local products. Aligned with the numerous activities, reenactors and artists will be available to the public for photos and historical information.

The program of continuous exhibitions includes:

Setting up of military camps by mercenary companies and regular armies of the XIV and XV centuries. Everything will be faithfully reconstructed and visitable, from field kitchens to armories, from encampments to training sessions, reconstructing the daily life of men and women of that time. It will be possible to observe and interact with the reenactors, asking them questions and receiving historical information.

Setting up of a large market with more than 60 exhibitors, where artisans from all over Italy will produce and sell high-quality craftsmanship of various kinds.

This year, the artisanal area will also be set up and doubled, with the best artisans from Italy and their active workshops demonstrating ancient trades, from blacksmiths to tailors, to the making of ceramics and much more.


The ticket is intended to collect public funds for the support of the activities of the White Company a.p.s. Association.

– Free admission for attendants of users of law 104

– Free admission for visually impaired and hearing impaired

– Free ticket for children under 10 years of age

– 50% discount for those over 70 years of age

– 50% reduction for those who, on Saturday or Sunday, present the Friday ticket at the ticket office.




– SUBSCRIPTION FOR ALL DAYS (10th-11th-12th), AT 15€

Tuscany Medieval Festival
  • Tuscany Medieval Festival
  • Tuscany Medieval Festival
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    Tuscany Medieval Festival
  • Tuscany Medieval Festival
  • Tuscany Medieval Festival
  • Tuscany Medieval Festival
  • Tuscany Medieval Festival
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