Three Merry Dead Boys

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Three Merry Dead Boys

2024 is a special year for the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, who celebrate their thirtieth anniversary. All events related to this milestone will be marked by the hashtag #TARM30 and, while the complete lineup is still shrouded in mystery, the band promises that each concert will be an explosion of “noisy” energy.


The music continues throughout the summer with other important names to mark on the calendar: Friday, July 12 Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti arrive at Fortezza Nuova. With 30 years of career, 1,500 concerts, 9 albums, comics, and the founding of a label, La Tempesta, to support Italian independent music, they are known for their masked performances and essential rock live shows, considered a pillar of the alternative rock scene since their formation in 1994. The event, organized by The Cage, represents a milestone in programming and an opportunity for fans to spend an unforgettable evening with the band’s atmosphere.

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Three Merry Dead Boys
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