The Sundance Family duo

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The Sundance Family duo

Appointments continue for this new season of Saturday with “FOOD and MUSIC” resulting from the collaboration between #PercorsiMusicali and #AlleVettovaglie.

Saturday, April 27, 2024, starting from 8.30pm:
The Sundance Family duo

Book your table at: 347.7487020

Stefano Dentone is a musician originally from the Ligurian Riviera, but now based in Livorno. Singer-songwriter, singer and guitarist, he has had experiences both in Italy and in the U.S.A.
The current project is called “Stefano Dentone & The Sundance Family Band” and the travel companions of this adventure are the members of the Sundance Family Band: Chiara Cavalli (violin), Francesco Coppedè (double bass), Marco Fontana (electric guitar), Valentina Fortunati (mandolin and banjo), Filippo Meloni (drums and percussion).

The show proposed for the “FOOD and MUSIC” festival will feature the acoustic duo formation with #Stefano Dentone as voice and guitar and #Valentina Fortunati who will alternate mandolin and banjo. The repertoire will include the original pieces from the latest album “Growin’Up Blues”, but also some classics of American popular music reinterpreted and rearranged in the blues and folk tradition.

Discography of the Sundance Family Band:
“Sunday Ranch”, an album with a strong country/blues flavor and where the influences of American folk music are very strong. The album, released by GO COUNTRY RECORDS, is available on all online streaming and sales channels. Also for the same label, on February 23, 2024, the new album titled “Growin’ Up Blues” was released. This new work includes twelve tracks with the theme of growth… emotional, physical, social growth, as human beings, individuals, families, communities. The sound remains characteristic of the band, but always anchored in the tradition of American country/blues music.
FB page: Vettovaglie is a venue inside the Central Market of Livorno, which deals with STREET & COMFORT FOOD and excellent Wine

Percorsi Musicali is a multifunctional music center, located in the Sorgenti district in Livorno, which deals with: music school/teaching, rehearsal rooms, recording studio and services to musicians, events organization on and off site
Two Livorno realities aiming for quality – in the first case in the food and wine sector, in the second in music – that have come together, cooperating to produce Beauty!
We wait for you with: music, aperitifs, wines, craft beers and comfort food. Air-conditioned and heated rooms, boat tours.
The Sundance Family duo
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