The Joyful Gospel Ensemble
  • Fri 2 August 2024

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The Joyful Gospel Ensemble

At 9:30 PM

Free event

The Joyful Gospel Ensemble, directed by Riccardo Pagni, performs in a show of great strength, a true concentration of energy and emotional charge that involves the audience in a crescendo of musical suggestions and rhythm.

With its 60 choir members and solo singers, the group boasts a very rich repertoire: alongside musical proposals linked to great American gospel artists, such as “The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir” and Richard Smallwood, the Joyful interpret songs by Elton John, Beatles, Rem, Queen, Coldplay, Rod Stewart, Leonard Cohen, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Adele, Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder and others, with poignant and solemn ballads alternating with very catchy rhythmic songs, and carefully exploring a particularly varied and engaging repertoire, capable of touching the soul. An exciting journey that goes beyond simple listening.

“The Joyful Gospel Ensemble” has performed over 400 concerts and released 7 albums in the past years, including the latest one released in December 2022, “Joyful Forever“. In December 2023 at the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno, the Joyful presented an original show titled “Movie Magic“, with songs dedicated to movies.

The Joyful Gospel Ensemble
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