The Cage. Haus of Sitrì + Cassadra
  • Fri 19 January 2024,
  • Sat 20 January 2024.

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The Cage. Haus of Sitrì + Cassadra

Weekend at The Cage, Friday January 19 the queens of Haus of Sitrì will return

while Saturday January 20 it’s the turn of the Florentines Cassandra

The stage of The Cage welcomes back the show of Haus of Sitri, the LGBTQIA+ themed party that has been igniting the Livorno night for over two years now, organized by The Cage in collaboration with Arcigay Livorno and Haus of Sitri. The first event of 2024 and the second event of the new season, the party aims to offer the audience a completely inclusive space, a dimension that goes beyond inclusivity and allows everyone to feel good and socialize under the motto “Whoever you are, come and have fun!”

The protagonists are the queens of the Livorno night who have always stood by Luca Dieci: Christine Lacroix, Lalique Chouette, Stella Botox, Robyn Folie, and La Marchesa. The curtain will rise at 11:30 PM on the drag show with minimal sounds and atmospheres from the 80s and 90s. Then the music will continue into the late night with DJ sets from the stage by Sharon Ops, Funny Valentine, Shimixes, and The Misstress. Tickets can be purchased directly at the door for 10 euros (full price) or 8 euros (Arcigay members).

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20th – The Cage welcomes the audacity and joy of Cassandra, a young Florentine band that describes themselves as “crunchy” and is able to leave an indelible mark on the audience with their dirty, sometimes punk, pop that brings live shows to life and drags fans into frenzied dancing and singing at the top of their lungs until the unavoidable mosh pit. Their debut album is called “Campo di Marte” and was released in 2022 by Mescal; then, Mescal released their second album, “Un glorioso disastro,” which came out on December 1st, 2023 and was distributed by Ada Music Italy.

The three guys are true Florentines and have had messy ideas since a stormy life: the lineup includes Matteo Ravazzi on vocals, Francesco Ravazzi on guitars, and Giovanni Sarti on drums, with Enrico Mega on bass when they perform live. They have always played music and have also performed on important stages such as Pistoia Blues, Mengo Music Fest, or Metarock, as well as renowned live clubs like La Limonaia in Florence or La Santeria in Milan. In 2021, they also appeared on X-Factor with the single “Kate-Moss.” Doors open at 10:00 PM, concert starts at 10:30 PM. Tickets can be purchased on TicketSms. Following the concert, as every Saturday, there will be a DJ set by My Generation; tickets can be purchased directly at the door for 10 euros, including the first drink.

The Cage. Haus of Sitrì + Cassadra
  • The Cage. Haus of Sitrì + Cassadra
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