The Cage, 2000’s Rock Party + The Tundra
  • Fri 26 January 2024,
  • Sat 27 January 2024.
The Cage Theatre

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The Cage, 2000’s Rock Party + The Tundra




Friday, January 26th the show 2000’s Rock Party, with the hits of the 2000s

arranged in a rock style; Saturday, January 27th the My Generation event returns

to promote emerging artists and young musical talents

At exactly one year’s distance from the first time at The Cage, the most irreverent show ever returns to Villa Corridi’s theater 2000’s Rock Party, celebrating the power of trash and the contradictions of the early years of the millennium, arranging all the greatest hits of the period in a rock key, with a generous sprinkle of irony. An evening with music from every angle and little desire to take itself seriously, where all those born in the ’80s and ’90s can relive a piece of their adolescence and have fun with the songs that marked an entire decade. The format has been animating the nights of clubs in half of Tuscany since 2018 and is now well-known and consolidated. On stage, the frontman Stefano Steve Mannari, guitarists Lorenzo Palmè Palmerini and Stefano Ste Sarti, bassist Filippo Filo D’Ercole, and drummer Gabriele Mohawk Andreucci perform. No more typical tribute bands from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s! No more snobbish judgments that distinguish between A-grade music and B-grade music! For all those who danced to the notes of Just Dance, for those who jumped on the couch when The Undertaker came in, for those who shared videos of Numb with Dragonball using Nokia’s Bluetooth, for those who watched Britney’s videos on mute. For all those whose childhood was marked by Muciaccia’s vinyl glue creations and Shrek’s life lessons: this is absolutely your show! If for you, there is no such thing as beautiful music for expert purists, but only music that makes you dance, the 2000’s Rock Party concert is the occasion for an unforgettable night where you can jump until your legs hold up and sing until your voice is gone. Tickets cost 10 euros, including a drink. Doors open at 9:00 PM, show starts at 10:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased on TicketSms for 10 euros. Following the concert, a DJ set by Robetta Party will take place, tickets can be purchased at the entrance for 10 euros, including the first drink.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 27 – The traditional Saturday nights at The Cage dedicated to promoting young artists and emerging musicians start again, thanks to the collaboration between the Livorno live club and Musicus Concentus from Florence: the My Generation showcase already consists of five scheduled dates, with possibly more to be added. This week it will be the turn of Tundra (strictly all-female), the alternative rock band born in Pisa in 2019 that, in over four years of activity, has found its natural dimension in live performances, bringing a good dose of energy and strength from the stage. Having played at Lumiere, Caracol, and Leopolda, the five guys from Tundra have brought around a sound inspired by the best indie, influenced by Arctic Monkeys and Verdena, and well-constructed, promising lyrics. In 2021, they won Arezzo Wave Toscana and reached the finals of 1MNext, the competition of the Concertone del Primo Maggio. Lastly, a small, more recent satisfaction: last July, they opened for Giancane’s concert at the Melasono Music Fest in Cenaia. The band has released the Tundra EP in 2019 and the Nuvole rosa, ragni e guai album in 2021, distributed by Freecom Music, and is formed by Daniele Piai on vocals, Federico Vannelli on bass and vocals, Lorenzo Mariotti on guitar, Matteo Carli on guitar, and Lorenzo Artigiani on drums. Currently, the five guys from Pisa are working on their second album, which will be more aggressive and acidic than the first, with a faster pace and more impactful melodies. Doors open at 10:00 PM, concert starts at 10:30 PM. Tickets can be purchased on TicketSms for 10 euros. Following the tradition, there will be the post-concert Saturday event organized by My Generation, with the My Generation Cage Night Party: an indie-rock DJ set to dance and stay together until late at night. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance for 10 euros, including the first drink.

The Cage, 2000’s Rock Party + The Tundra
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