Talk Yellow Roberto + Papyrus + De Fazi
  • Thu 1 August 2024

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Talk Yellow Roberto + Papyrus + De Fazi

At 21:00

Free event

hosted by Grazia De Michele

An evening dedicated to celebrating female voices in music with the event “Talk: Musica d’Autrice.” This discussion will feature three artists who have made a significant contribution to the music industry with their unique sounds and engaging stories.

Roberta Giallo, a versatile artist hailing from Senigallia, is renowned for her multiple skills as a singer-songwriter, writer, actress, visual artist, theatrical performer, and producer. Graduating with honors in Philosophy from the University of Bologna, Roberta’s career is a testament to her experimental and interdisciplinary approach to art. Her collaborations range from well-known names such as Lucio Dalla to Samuele Bersani, and her live performances have graced stages worldwide, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Her deep involvement in theater, film, and live music highlights her artistic versatility.

Papiro offers an intimate acoustic live experience that immediately connects the audience with her musical storytelling. Her style, deeply rooted in a mix of Italian and French pop enriched with exotic and traditional sounds, reflects her Sicilian heritage and experiences in Paris. Papiro’s music is a bold statement of self-expression and revolution against social clichés, celebrating her identity as a woman and artist with every note played.

Francesca De Fazi, also known as the “Roman Blues Woman,” has solidified her place as a pioneer of female blues in Italy. Her musical journey has taken her from prestigious stages in the United States, including the House of Blues, to various international venues. Francesca’s gritty voice and guitar mastery, including her unique Ukutele, reflect her intense personality and deep connection to the blues tradition.

Talk Yellow Roberto + Papyrus + De Fazi
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