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  • Thu 1 August 2024

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Talk Music Medicine

At 19:00

Free event

Music for the soul
Dialogues on music medicine
With Francesco Pariset (Colombia), Pico Rama, Pietro Pariset, Elisa Gaia (Italy). Moderated by Nicola Cirillo

It is widely known that music and sound have a therapeutic power in themselves, but in recent years a true musical genre known as “music medicine” is emerging: born in South America as a natural development of the “Icaros” (chants sung by shamans during sacred ceremonies with medicinal plants), it has spread worldwide thanks to the growing interest in this spirituality even by people from other continents. This phenomenon has allowed an evolution of this ceremonial music that has integrated with the traditional music of different cultures it has come into contact with, taking on different traits and characteristics in different countries, but maintaining the spirit and intention intact.

We will discuss this with Francesco Pariset, who will bring his experience as a musician with the medicine families of Putumayo, the Amazon region where he has been living for over ten years, with Pico Rama and Elisa Gaia Italian artists, who have been engaged for years in a spiritual development path through music, art, and naturopathy, with Pietro Pariset, a surgeon and facilitator of a meditation technique based on holotropic breathing and Rebirthing. The meeting will be moderated by Nicola Cirillo, a journalist who after years in music criticism has embraced an artistic path rooted in music medicine. At the end of the talk, the artists will offer a “music circle”. It is hard to call it a concert, considering the nature of the music being proposed: it is music that must be listened to with an open heart and closed eyes, away from the distractions of the square, cell phones, and chatter. It is music that arises from the silence of those who produce it and reaches the silence of those who listen.

Talk Music Medicine
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