• Sun 28 January 2024

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Sunday 28th January – 5:30pm
(Great Britain 2020)
directed by Jessica Swale
starring Gemma Arterton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Free admission reserved for members

While in London the sky is devastated by the explosions of the bombs that marked the time during World War II, young Frank (Lucas Bond) is sent away from the English capital, one of the many children that families put on trains headed to the countryside, in the hopes of saving them from the horrors of war. Frank is welcomed by Alice (Gemma Arterton), a grumpy and stern writer, who seems to have forgotten how to smile or what happiness tastes like. A scholar of stories and legends, wild like the cliff on which her house overlooks, Alice doesn’t seem like the most suitable person to take care of a curious and cheerful child like Frank. Communication between the two is often one-sided, and Frank’s attempts to lighten the atmosphere with jokes are often met with anything but kind comments. However, slowly but surely, Frank’s open and curious nature will manage to break through Alice’s hardened heart, shaped by the course of life, and a friendship will blossom between them, which will also allow Alice to face her ghosts and wounds from a past that was never truly overcome, with a love story full of nostalgia.

Free admission reserved for Members
The Goldoni Theater Friends Association and the “La Goldonetta” Cinema Friends Association
Registrations are accepted at the Friends of the Theater headquarters at Antichità “Il Quadrifoglio” via Mayer 63/A
Membership fees: Theater Friends card: €40, annual validity
“La Goldonetta” Cinema Friends card: €30, annual validity

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