“The Tailor for Ladies” at Teatro Enzina Conte
  • Sat 21 October 2023,
  • Sun 22 October 2023.

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“The Tailor for Ladies” at Teatro Enzina Conte

Saturday 21 at 9:00 PM
Sunday 22 at 5:00 PM
Teatro Enzina Conte – Vertigo

After the success of “La Divisa scomoda”, the theater season continues at Vertigo with a classic of French Vaudeville: “Sarto per signora” by Georges Feydeau. On stage Joes’Company – Theatrical Productions of Pisa, recently founded by Giuseppe Raimo.
On stage Saturday 21 at 21 with a repeat on Sunday at 17 at the Enzina Conte del Vertigo theater. Georges Feydeau quickly became an author and director of theatrical works characterized by a frenetic pace and based on the “mathematics” of comedic effect (he was a strict metteur en scène) whose popularity eventually surpassed even that of the works of the master of the genre, Eugène Labiche.

Many of his vaudeville works are still performed and applauded today, in particular: “A scatola chiusa, La palla al piede, Il tacchino, La pulce nell’orecchio, Dove vai tutta nuda?” and above all the famous “Occupati d’Amelia, Sarto per signora, and L’albergo del libero scambio”. Feydeau was not only an author, but he knew and “wrote” about sets, lights, and costumes, treating them as actors. His sets (rich with complicated changes of scenery in the dark) are designed with calculated numbers of doors, windows, and cabinets and precise angles to elicit hilarious effects when properly used by the actors.

His skill as a director and playwright caused laughter in audiences of all kinds for decades, to the point of overshadowing the ruthless satire of Parisian bourgeoisie that looms over all his works. Only recently has he been reevaluated and reinterpreted as an ironic castigator of bourgeois hypocrisy. “Sarto per signora” describes the efforts of Dr. Moulineaux, a prestigious Parisian doctor, to meet his mistress, Suzanne Aubin, without his wife or her husband finding out about the affair. To this end, the doctor will rent an apartment where, one after another, all the characters will parade, spoiling the couple’s intimacy and forcing Moulineaux to pass himself off as a dressmaker specializing in women’s clothing in order to hide the truth of things. Obviously, the chance encounter of a series of characters will lead to ridiculous situations of all kinds that will result in an endless frenzy on stage. The direction is by Giuseppe Raimo.
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“The Tailor for Ladies” at Teatro Enzina Conte
  • “The Tailor for Ladies” at Teatro Enzina Conte
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