Santomauro in “Happy Days”
  • Fri 6 October 2023
Teatro Enzina Conte Associazione Vertigo,
Via del Pallone, 2

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Santomauro in “Happy Days”

Friday, October 6th at 9:00 PM
Enzina Conte Theater, Vertigo Association at via del Pallone 2
Reservation strongly recommended at phone number 0586-210120
Ticket price: 12 euros

The well-known author and actor from Livorno, Stefano Santomauro, returns to Livorno, by popular demand, with the comedy show “Happy Days” opening the 2023/2024 theater season at Teatro Vertigo. Santomauro, fresh from the international set of the film The Return with Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche, set to be released worldwide in 2024, returns to Livorno with the record-breaking show “Happy Days”; a show selected at three National Festivals, winner of the Off Award, and reached over 7000 spectators in a year and a half of programming throughout Italy, confirming to be one of the most exportable talents from Livorno nationally.

“What does the show Happy Days tell?” There is a “World Happiness Report” ranking the happiest countries in the world: according to the United Nations, the happiest countries are those in Northern Europe, which, for the millionth consecutive year, take the top spots. The secret to such happiness lies in the famous Hygge method: a functional welfare, good health, stable relationships, and a life with healthy food. Ah, but then there’s nothing left to do but try it out! A captivating show about the search for happiness: between chamomile teas and reindeer sweaters, tricks to sleep 8 hours a night, organic food, and undrinkable smoothies, Stefano Santomauro gives his best with a hilarious, light, and profound monologue, cynical and sincere. An inadequate story from someone trying to achieve happiness goals but failing. Or maybe not. The press and critics have welcomed the show in this way: Stefano Santomauro “skillful narrator who enchants the audience with his imaginative stories” (Paolo Leone, Corriere dello Spettacolo), “overwhelms the audience with his cynical and sharp humor” (Lara Loreti, La Stampa), “manages to tell today’s reality with great intelligence. His shows are a must-see” (Tommaso Chimenti, Hystrio).

Santomauro in “Happy Days”
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