Samuele Borsò live @Alle Vettovaglie
  • Sat 4 May 2024

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Samuele Borsò live @Alle Vettovaglie

The appointments of this new Saturday season continue with “FOOD and MUSIC” as a result of the collaboration between #PercorsiMusicali and #AlleVettovaglie.

Saturday, May 4, 2024, starting from 8.30 pm:
Samuele Borsò

Samuele Borsò, musician and singer-songwriter, has been singing since he can remember and playing the guitar since he was a boy. For many years he has performed in small and large clubs throughout Italy.
In 2014 he won the award for best singer-songwriter at the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana; in 2016 three releases: the first EP titled “L’ordine delle cose” and two singles “Bella estate” and “Parlerò capirai” which all three are well received by radio and audience.
In 2017 he graduated from the Fingerstyle Study Center of Davide Mastrangelo. In 2016 he also started a vocal study program with the great voice master Albert Hera, marking further artistic and personal growth.
In June 2019 he released the first single “Un lungo viaggio” extracted from the album “Sospesi” which will be released in March 2020.
We hadn’t seen him at the central market for a few months, but finally, after winning the iband show of the 2022 edition (with Fiordaliso, Carta, Jimmy Sax in the jury), he will return tonight to delight us with his music made of many colors and songs arranged always in an original key… a tribute to the music that has inspired him the most.

Book your table at: 347.7487020
Alle Vettovaglie is a restaurant inside the Central Market of Livorno, which deals with STREET & CONFORT FOOD and excellence WINE
Percorsi Musicali is a multifunctional music center, located in the Sorgenti neighborhood in Livorno, which deals with: music school / teaching, rehearsal rooms, recording studio, and services for musicians, organization of events on and off site.
Two Livornese realities that aim for quality – in the first case in the food and wine sector, in the second musical – that have come together, cooperating to produce Beauty.
We are waiting for you with: music, aperitifs, wines, craft beers, and comfort food. Air-conditioned and heated rooms, boat tour.

For info and reservations: 347.7487020 – Don’t miss it!

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Samuele Borsò live @Alle Vettovaglie
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