RALPH TOWNER – Music for Solo Guitar
  • Fri 29 March 2024
Symphony Record Shop,
piazza Cavour, 23

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RALPH TOWNER – Music for Solo Guitar

Friday, March 29, 6:00 PM

at Symphony Record Shop, Piazza Cavour, 23

the new music album will be presented


Music for Solo Guitar

by guitarist

Adriano Sebastiani

Adriano Sebastiani and his guitar will be the protagonists of the event that will take place at the Symphony Record Shop store, piazza Cavour, 23, Friday, March 29th, at 6.00 pm. The Florentine guitarist will present his new record album RALPH TOWNER Music for Solo Guitar, dedicated to the renowned American composer Ralph Towner.

“In his recent interview, Adriano Sebastiani tells the story of the encounter with the music of Ralph Towner – ‘It happened in Rome on a sunny afternoon of an early spring weekend in the early 90s. I was in the capital with two dear colleagues: one of them played us the album “Blue Sun”, published in 1983 with ECM. It was love at first sight out of the blue. From that moment on, I loved Ralph’s multifaceted music production without reservation: it is a musical language with orchestral perspectives, multicultural roots, and deep emotional impact. It is clear that jazz and modern and contemporary classical music are the pillars on which his language is based, but it should be added that, as he often told me, his admiration for Renaissance and Baroque music, mode, and ethnic music also strongly influence his work.'”

Adriano Sebastiani, concert performer, musicologist, and educator, is one of the leading Italian and international experts in the history and literature of the guitar. He studied the art of guitar in Italy, in Florence under the guidance of Alvaro Company, a student of Andres Segovia, and in Rome with Bruno Battisti D’Amario, brilliantly obtaining a Master’s degree in guitar from the State Conservatory “San Pietro a Maiella” in Naples, Italy’s oldest conservatory.

Sebastiani has performed as a soloist in numerous chamber groups and orchestras in Italy, Europe, Russia, and the United States. His varied and vast repertoire includes music for guitar from different eras and styles, including the unique and rare compositions of Ralph Towner.

RALPH TOWNER – Music for Solo Guitar
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