Ciampi Prize 2023: “On the side of the outsiders”
  • Sat 16 December 2023

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Ciampi Prize 2023: “On the side of the outsiders”

This year the event will be dedicated to Franco Carratori, who was the creator and tireless promoter of the Ciampi Award and who passed away on November 15th

Acquista il biglietto

Saturday, December 16th the Goldoni Theater in Livorno will host the final evening of the XXVI edition of the Award named after Piero Ciampi. A lot of music with performances by the winners of the music competitions, the winners of the career awards Marlene Kuntz and Not Moving. The CCCP Fedeli alla LInea will also receive a career award. Annarella Giudici, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Massimo Zamboni, and Danilo Fatur will be present on the Goldoni Theater stage to receive the award and have a conversation together with John Vignola).

For the national competition, the winner is Eugenio Sournia, a Livorno singer-songwriter, born in 1991, a talented author who, after his experience as lead singer of the band Siberia, is making his solo debut in his career. Special awards will also be given in the national competition to Porfirio Rubirosa, Dalia Buccianti, Lorenzo Lepore, and Francesco Pecs.

As for the Best Cover Award, there are three ex-aequo winners: Giorgio Mannucci (“L’amore è tutto qui”), Matteo Troilo (“Cosa resta”), and again Eugenio Sournia who, with “L’ultima volta che la vidi”, is the only artist in the long history of the Award to win both categories of the competition. Special recognition is also given to Marzio Del Testa for his version of “Andare camminare lavorare”.

Another important moment will be represented by a performance combining song and storytelling specifically prepared for this edition of the award, titled “between Piero Ciampi and current events”. The Neapolitan musicians Jennà Romano (Letti Sfatti) and Patrizio Trampetti (Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare) and journalist Sandro Ruotolo will be the protagonists. Together with them, Lucia Rango, who, after many years, has decided to step on stage again and will perform “Non chiedermi più” with Jennà Romano, her duet with Piero Ciampi recently rediscovered.

All the musical performances, which will start at 8:00 PM, will be accompanied by projections of images related to Piero Ciampi.

Ciampi Prize 2023: “On the side of the outsiders”
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