Family bike ride with Bimbimbici
  • Sun 5 May 2024
Partenza da Piazza Dante

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Family bike ride with Bimbimbici

Bimbimbici will take place along a five kilometers route
Meeting point at 10 o’clock in Piazza Dante in front of the Station
Route: through the historical heart of the city – Viale Carducci, Piazza della Repubblica, Via Grande, Scali Novi Lena – will end at Terrazza Mascagni and, like last year, is aimed at children and families


Return Bimbimbici! After last year’s first edition, in which over six hundred children and adults participated, on Sunday 5th May there will be a new appointment with the big bike ride organized by FIAB Livorno La Triglia in Bicicletta. Bimbimbici is a national event organized by FIAB (Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation) which has been taking place for many years in many big and small cities in Italy, aiming to promote active mobility and spread the use of bicycles among young people.

“This year too, Bimbimbici – which has the support of the Municipality and is part of the Sulla Felicità Festival program – is presented first and foremost as a festive occasion on two wheels,” explains FIAB, “but it also aims to stimulate a constant reflection on the importance of a correct lifestyle for both adults and children (the event is also supported by SIP, Italian Society of Pediatrics) as easy and sustainable as that linked to the use of bicycles, starting from the home-school journeys that thousands of parents and children do daily on scooters or even in cars to cover short distances.”

“A very important innovation that we have introduced this year and of which we are particularly proud,” continue the organizers, “is the collaboration with social cooperative Il Melograno, creator of a project on accessible mobility called Ruote Libere. The association will be present at the finish line at Terrazza Mascagni with a series of special bikes for inclusive mobility to show/try to those who would like to test their use.”

Bimbimbici will take place along a five-kilometer route starting from Piazza Dante, in front of the station, through the historic heart of the city – Viale Carducci, Piazza della Repubblica, Via Grande, Scali Novi Lena – and will end at Terrazza Mascagni. Like last year, it is aimed at children and families, and in general anyone who wants to join: the route is short, flat and exceptionally will take place on the road thanks to the presence of the municipal police along the entire route.

“The choice to start from the station was functional to the dual objective, on the one hand, of promoting the upcoming Bike Station (making the project known to participants) and, on the other hand, of facilitating the participation in Bimbimbici also for those who would like to come from other municipalities in the province,” conclude from the headquarters of FIAB Livorno, “in fact, Livorno is currently the only city in our area that organizes the event and we would like other bike enthusiasts to be able to participate by arriving by train!”

The meeting point will be at 10.00 a.m. for the registration of the young participants with the start scheduled for 10:30 a.m. (expected arrival at 12:00 p.m.). Please note that a contribution of €2 is required for the insurance coverage of each pedaling child to be paid on-site (not for accompanying adults or children riding with their parents; participation is not allowed for children on bikes with training wheels).

To facilitate the registration of children, a non-binding pre-registration form has been set up available either on or by clicking directly here

See you on Sunday and remember… cycling makes (or at least helps) you happy!

Family bike ride with Bimbimbici
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