PEACE FLOWERS Rasenna Jazz Messegers duo
  • Sat 13 April 2024
Teatro Salone Ablondi,
via Olanda, 44

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PEACE FLOWERS Rasenna Jazz Messegers duo

Jazzing for peace – Festival 2024

Saturday, April 13, 9.15 pm

Livorno – Salone Ablondi, via Olanda, 44 (La Scopaia)

Giulio Boschi, double bass, Max Fantolini, piano


Exhibition of paintings against war by painter Umberto Falchini



The Rasenna Music Art association inaugurates, on Saturday, April 13th, at 9.15 pm, in the Ablondi Hall, (near the church of Scopaia) via Olanda, 44, the new edition of the Festival “Jazzing for peace” with the concert PEACE FLOWERS by the Duo Rasenna Jazz Messengers, with Giulio Boschi on double bass and Max Fantolini on piano.

The Duo, with their well-known improvisational and virtuosic leadership, always complete and unmistakable, will draw from their vast repertoire with tributes to flowers as symbols of peace and to the greats of jazz.

According to the artistic conception that guides the activities of the Association, which does not dissociate music from the artistic context, paintings by the painter Umberto Falchini against war will be exhibited during the concert.

“Jazzing for peace” is a journey through the integration of peoples, designed by the artistic director Giulio Boschi. Through a concert program that will take place throughout 2024, young musicians from our area will be highlighted. The intention is to promote a reflection on the union of peoples through the universal language of music, which expresses the beauty, sometimes iconic or evocative, belonging to the culture of peoples, with the belief that this knowledge entering the experience of everyone becomes an element of shared brotherhood. In this sense, jazz is the most radical genre, a symbol of sharing and mixing of styles.

The Rasenna Music Art association thanks Don Raffaello and the Anspi association for their indispensable contribution.

PEACE FLOWERS Rasenna Jazz Messegers duo
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