Noemi live @Terrazza Mascagni
  • Sat 24 August 2024

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Noemi live @Terrazza Mascagni

Saturday, 24th August, 9:30 pm
Terrazza Mascagni, Livorno

Wrapped in the sea breeze, with the Tyrrhenian Sea in the background, we will listen to Noemi, one of the most loved and appreciated voices in Italian music. The singer, with her extraordinary voice and magnetic presence, will transform the Mascagni terrace in Livorno into a stage of emotions.

Noemi began her musical journey in 2009, when she captured the audience’s attention during the second Italian edition of X Factor. Although she did not win, she won the hearts of many, becoming the most successful singer of the season and signing a contract with the prestigious record label Sony Music.

With seven participations at the Sanremo Festival, she has demonstrated her talent and versatility as a performer. From hits like “Per tutta la vita” in 2010, winner of a Sanremo Hit Award, to third place in 2012 with “Sono solo parole”, to the emotional performances of 2021 with “Glicine” and 2022 with “Ti amo non lo so dire”, Noemi has continued to enchant the audience with her unique voice and intense interpretations.

In addition to her success in music competitions, Noemi was chosen by Walt Disney to contribute to the Italian soundtrack of the animated film “Brave”. Her songs “Il cielo toccherò” and “Tra vento ed aria” added a magical touch to the world of animation.

Noemi’s career is punctuated by prestigious awards and accolades. From the five Wind Music Awards to the three Premi Lunezia, through the TV Award – Television Direction Award and the Special Silver Ribbon for the interpretation of the song “Domani è un altro giorno”, Noemi has continued to demonstrate her value as a complete and versatile artist.

Noemi live @Terrazza Mascagni
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