Nicola Polizzi presents “Uprooted”
  • Thu 4 April 2024

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Nicola Polizzi presents “Uprooted”

Thursday, April 4th

6:00 PM

At the Feltrinelli Bookstore in Livorno

Nicola Polizzi



DrawUp Editions

Introduced by Valeria Bocci

Nicola Polizzi presents his debut novel. The protagonists, Sole and Agata, meet at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Sole is a computer engineer from Milan, Agata is a Sicilian painter living in Berlin. Events will lead the two protagonists to embark on a journey between Milan and Catania, passing through a hippie commune in the mountains of Modena. In these places, their lives will intertwine with the stories of their families, profoundly different. A novel that seeks to answer a question: how important are our roots? And can we live without roots, as uprooted? In a spatiotemporal arc that goes from Berlin to Catania, from the DDR to a hippie commune, from the 70s to the present day, the protagonists of this story will try to give answers to these questions.

Nicola Polizzi was born in Livorno in 1975, graduated in Physics, teaches in a scientific high school in the city. This is his first novel.

Nicola Polizzi presents “Uprooted”
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