“No one is im…perfect” on the stage of the 4 Mori
  • Sun 21 January 2024

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“No one is im…perfect” on the stage of the 4 Mori

Sunday, January 21st at 4pm
Where? Teatro 4 Mori

For information and tickets www.cinema4mori.it or 342/543.12.47. Ticket prices: 0-3 years old free (child sitting on lap), reduced (over 65 and holders of previous show ticket) 10 euros, full price 13 euros

New year, new comedy. The Cinema Teatro 4 Mori festival, organized by the Compagnie Livornesi Riunite, continues to sail smoothly with the arrival of 2024. On Sunday, January 21st at 4 PM, the stage of via Pietro Tacca will host the premiere of the play “Nessuno è im…perfetto” (No one is im…perfect), a new brilliant comedy in modern Livornese dialect by Marco Chiappini, performed by the actors of the Compagnia del Sesto Piano (Sixth Floor Company). “An unprecedented product,” explains Chiappini, “that perfectly embodies the spirit of our productions: funny and entertaining, but with a deeper meaning. The story revolves around a contemporary Livornese family eagerly awaiting the return of their eldest son, who went on a long journey to Thailand in search of his inner self. His return will bring surprises, changes, and plenty of misunderstandings. As with all our shows, the main focus is an important moral that addresses a social theme. It’s an hour and a half of joy and carefreeness, typically Labronian, capable of making the audience reflect on a very current issue.”
These are the characters: Onesto Spendibene (head of the family, landlord), Marilena Spendibene (Onesto’s wife), Fiorella Casasecca (Marilena’s mother), Santina (the maid), Caterina Spendibene (Onesto’s youngest daughter), Silvio Spendibene (Onesto’s eldest son), Amerigo Rincasati (Onesto’s future father-in-law), Raimondo Rincasati (Amerigo’s son), Poldo (wedding planner), Maura Tamperi (Silvio’s friend). And these are the actors: Marco Chiappini, Cristina Silvestri, Stefano Valdiserri, Cristiana Ricchi, Mario Botteghi, Giuliana Vivo, Paola Pacelli, Ilaria Pellegrini, Alessandra Tamberi, and Claudio Pulia. Artistic direction by Manuele Boldrini, directed by Marco Chiappini.

“No one is im…perfect” on the stage of the 4 Mori
  • “No one is im…perfect” on the stage of the 4 Mori
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