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Terrazza Mascagni

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Eden at Terrazza Mascagni is coming to an end with the Vinyl Market Exhibition held inside the 800-square-meter tensile structure set up by Fondazione LEM, on Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May.

The initiative was presented in the presence of Adriano Tramonti, events organization coordinator of Fondazione LEM, Fabrizio Berti from the association Il popolo del blues, organizer of the event and Francesco Tonarini from Surfer Joe.

Fabrizio Berti says: “The exhibition will present many important pieces, first of all those related to blues and Italian progressive music: a submerged but very vital world. In the context of the market exhibition, we have planned the organization of DJ Sets. We are also working to bring a musical surprise.”

Francesco Tonarini from Surfer Joe adds: “With this latest event, we close the circle around the world of families and children, offering them the opportunity to touch music firsthand and showing them that it is not just something ethereal but also content in what were once the supports par excellence: vinyl records. These are already making a comeback as a trend, but with our initiative, we also aim to communicate to the younger generation all the beauty of the rituals connected to this world.”

Adriano Tramonti concludes: “What we like most about this first edition of Eden at Terrazza Mascagni is that the organized events are recalling informal situations that, in harmony with what we presented, are in line with our proposal. This is proof that what we have organized is actually appealing.”

As part of the Market Exhibition, Surfer Joe will organize concerts in the afternoon and evening on the three days of the event. Here are the events.

Friday 6:30 PM: B-Folks

Saturday 6:30 PM: Trenchtown Train – Saturday 10:30 PM: Los Fuocos + Gransoda

Sunday 6:30 PM: The Devils – Sunday 10:30 PM: Open Mic (Songwriters Showcase)

The Popolo del Blues was founded in 1995 as a radio program on Controradio, from an idea by Ernesto De Pascale, music journalist, radio host, and historic voice of Rai stereonotte. The demand for information from enthusiasts led to the publication of an information sheet, and then a full-fledged magazine evolved into digital form It quickly became a point of reference for music reviews, concerts, books, interviews, videos, and news.

The activity of the homonymous record label was also important, with regular production of CDs, vinyl records, and digital media. Alongside this, Popolo del Blues stood out for promotion and press work, including the Ciampi Award in Livorno and the historic Porretta Soul Festival.

With the establishment of the homonymous association, the interest in old vinyl records, CDs, magazines, posters, and flyers turned into a coordination of events dedicated to the sale and exchange of materials from collectors, selected among the best enthusiasts in the sector.

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