Montmartre-Garibaldi one way, edition 2024
  • Thu 1 January 1970
Piazza Garibaldi

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Montmartre-Garibaldi one way, edition 2024

This is the third edition of the outdoor art event in Garibaldi Square, promoted by the Pontine San Marco Committee in collaboration with Extra Factory and with the participation of the Municipality of Livorno.

“Montmartre-Garibaldi one way” is an event born in 2022 from the close collaboration of the Pontine San Marco Committee and Extra Factory with the endorsement and participation of the City of Livorno as part of their activities for the redevelopment of the Garibaldi neighborhood of Livorno and their local art and culture activities.

Program in summary:
5.30 PM Tour of the neighborhood’s ateliers. Departure from Baracchina 20 in Piazza Garibaldi
9.00 AM-7.00 PM open-air painting competition
5.00 PM young painters in the square with master Piero Mochi and I Santini del Prete
8.00 PM-11.00 PM exhibition of the competing artworks
9.00 PM tribute to Nicola Vukich
10.00 AM-1.00 PM exhibition in the square of the competing artworks
12.00 PM award ceremony

An artistic event in the most picturesque and multiethnic square of the city featuring an open-air painting competition with prizes, exhibition and collateral cultural events, aiming to achieve several objectives:

  • invite citizens and artists to reclaim a historic part of the city through the socializing capacity of art and culture;
  • involve artists and artistic and cultural associations at local, regional, national, and international levels to show beyond borders how many aesthetic and visual emotions the historic neighborhoods of the city of Livorno evoke;
  • give space to young people by fueling the artistic and ingenious ferment that has always characterized the DNA of the city of Livorno. A unique heritage to enhance by involving other cultures present in the neighborhood and following Livorno’s historical traditions for its place in the future and in the world;
  • discover new talents who for various reasons would not have visibility in the crystallized world of Art.

A romantic hope is the common denominator of these objectives that the brilliant hand of Tommaso Eppesteingher, last year, translated into a poster of extraordinary synthesis: to see artists and non-artists pass by here for a week and then stay permanently (or almost) to give life to a cultural osmosis of renewal and attractiveness of the neighborhood. We dream of “Montmartre-Garibaldi one way” as a event that generates a place permanently alive, free of delinquency and a point of reference among others, of tourism in the city for its variety and its artistic vocation as it happens for El Rastro in Madrid, Kreuzberg in Berlin and indeed Montmartre in Paris.

Montmartre-Garibaldi one way, edition 2024
  • Montmartre-Garibaldi one way, edition 2024
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