MG 48°50°. The view from the outside, three days of research and meetings
  • From Fri 22 March to Sun 24 March

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MG 48°50°. The view from the outside, three days of research and meetings

Friday, March 22, 2024 16:30

MG 48°50° – Warehouse 5

via della Cinta Esterna, 48/50 — 57123 Livorno, LI

General states of non-ordinary states of consciousness
curated by Juan Pablo Macías, Alessandra Poggianti e Iacopo Seri

March 22-24, 2024
MG 48°50° – Warehouse 5
via della Cinta Esterna 48/50, Livorno

In collaboration with
Regione Toscana, Comune di Livorno, GiovaniSì, On Air, Indicibile, Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, Kunstverein Milano.

MG 48°50° presents the second point of Coordinate, a program of artistic interventions that from the new cultural hub MG 48° 50° opens up to the city and from the city to the world. With a perspective from the outside, we begin to trace a path that is not only geographical, but also psychonautic, through encounters, screenings, seminars, dialogues, happenings, music, books and live podcasts.

Three intense days of research and encounters, alternated with creative practices that hybridize the experiences of professionals coming from different fields between art and science.
Twenty interventions to discuss together perception, consciousness, and radical practices, and to seek more humane ways in the relationship between the individual and society. With a holistic and ecological approach, we highlight the interdependent nature of coexistence between the individual and the community, but also between humans and nature. We are looking for a new, more aware and open to wonder gaze: a gaze from the outside.

Taking a step ‘outside of this world,’ as Boatto, Buckminster Fuller, Hoffman, Laika or Armstrong, Ginsberg, McKenna have done, to contemplate, reflect on this millenary and vital relationship, to reframe the scene and shatter its precarious frames, leads us to put an infinity of approaches, experiences, conceptions on the table, which give us back the opportunity to reclaim what we have lost: our ability to build and live in accordance with worldviews and dreams conceived well outside modern reason, close to the real and becoming; outside common sense, language, placed elsewhere, through non-ordinary states of consciousness, in the concrete context of the Universe.

Interventions by Katia Anguelova and Andrea Wiarda (curators and co-directors of Kunstverein Milano), Claudia Caldarano (dancer/performer), Lorenzo Curti (psychologist), Federico Di Vita (writer), Simone Esposito (engineer), Emilio Fantin (artist), Francesco Fonassi (sonic artist), Holly Heuser (artist), Indicibile (informal experimentation group), Jacopo Natoli (artist), Jessica Murano (researcher), Cesare Pietroiusti (artist), Giuseppe Tagarelli (anthropologist), Jonathan Pouthier (curator).

Special projects:
Tony Conrad, American violinist, composer, and artist will be present in the exhibition space with the hypnotic 16 mm film “The Flicker” (1966) and the short film “Straight and Narrow” (1970), as well as other tracks introduced by curator Jonathan Poutier. His presence will also be the occasion to reconstruct the history of experiments on the mechanisms of vision.

Emilio Fantin presents “Interior Encounters”, the inflatable sculpture created in 2007 by the artist which on the occasion of “Looking from the outside” is hosted in the spaces of the Magazzini Generali. Starting from Friday 22 March, it welcomes “the social aspect of dreams”: groups of six people sit in a circle in the darkness and from a first dream story a succession of improvised stories is generated. Listening to the stories will trigger other images that will reverberate in other stories. Although fragmented, because they are not subject to consequentiality, the stories, gradually, will build a plot that will reveal something unique that each person shares with others: the guiding image.

Opening: March 30 – April 20
Every Saturday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
via della Cinta Esterna 48/50
(internal parking)


MG 48°50°. The view from the outside, three days of research and meetings
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