MASSISCHERMO with Claudio Marmugi
  • Wed 24 July 2024
Piazza Garibaldi

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MASSISCHERMO with Claudio Marmugi

Wednesday 24 JULY




by Riccardo Lorenzetti

with Claudio Marmugi

adaptation and direction by Claudio Marmugi

assistant director: Vito Manfrè

What happens at the Rotonda in Livorno when the old partisan Libero Taddei is in charge of organizing the “Festa dell’Unità”?

How will the situation be managed by the young leader of the Ardenza section of the PD, the ambitious 38-year-old former boy scout Jacopo Raugi, when he discovers that old Taddei has no intention of setting up the big screen to watch the 2006 World Cup matches?

Nine Tuscan characters played simultaneously by a single actor (comedian Claudio Marmugi), to tell humorously about the historical crisis of left-wing values – from partisans to “renzism” – through the humorous metaphor of a hypothetical (but not so much) “Festa dell’Unità in Livorno in 2006”, which is set up concurrently with the World Cup and with the deliberate choice of a PD leader not to set up the “big screen to watch the games” – while the Diocese, right next to it, at its festival, purposely sets it up in order to “convert” all the communists to football.

A bit “Don Camillo” a bit “Zitti e Mosca”, in the monologue (result of an elaboration of a delightful story by Riccardo Lorenzetti, from the book “The year when the World Cup was watched on the big screen”), it talks about everyday life and History with a capital “H”, all treated with lightness and cutting irony – touches that will not fail to make the audience smile and reflect on what we were and what we have become. A big screen that reflects our life, our history.

MASSISCHERMO with Claudio Marmugi
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