• Fri 17 November 2023

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9 PM
Tickets: 10 euros / reduced €7 under30 and over60 / €2 reduced operators

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On Friday 17 November, at 9 pm – Goldoni Theater Stage
Created and performed by Manuel Rodríguez
Artistic advisory: Paz Rojo
Light design: Victor Colmenero
Costume design: Rytas Matuliauskas and Manuel Rodríguez
Music: Roly Porter, Colder.
Supported by: Canal Choreographic Center / Teatros del Canal

The term MANU comes from Sanskrit, in Eastern mythology it is the name given to the first human being, the embodiment of the first avatar on Earth, a visual representation, a return to form.
This project starts from a question about identity through my cosmology. A space of invocation and enchantment. An opportunity to rewrite each of the letters that make up my name – declares the choreographer – When I dance, my body moves away from myself. It continually loses and finds itself. I dissolve myself in a constant becoming, in search of my absence, in the illusion of catching a glimpse of myself in a flash, of calling my name: MANU, The distance of the name.

Manuel Rodríguez is a choreographer, performer, and visual artist currently based in Barcelona. Born in Úbeda (Andalusia), he studied classical and contemporary dance at the Royal Dance Conservatory in Madrid and visual arts at the “Escuela de Arte número 10” in Madrid.
He is currently developing his work in a multidisciplinary way; his practice proposes a “contemplative catharsis” as an essential tool to achieve a deep and honest understanding. He is interested in exploring the limits of the corporeal and how we are influenced or how we influence our material environment. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with companies such as La Veronal, James Thierrée, Provisional Danza, Emmanuel Eggermond, and Sharon Fridman, among others.
Manuel has been awarded in various choreographic competitions such as Burgos-New York, Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, Copenhagen International Choreography Competition, Gdansk International Dance Contest, or MasDanza (Canary Islands, Spain). He has been nominated twice as performer and choreographer at the Critics’ Awards and the Butaca Awards in Catalonia. He has been supported by institutions and platforms such as Instituto Cervantes and Ramon Llull, Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, Graner, Acción Cultural Española, Centro Danza Canal, MACBA, Lavanderia a vapore di Torino, and Kyoto Art Center in Japan.

Tickets: 10 euro / reduced €7 under30 and over60 / €2 reduced for operators

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