But what does your BRAIN tell you?
  • Sun 14 January 2024

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But what does your BRAIN tell you?

Sunday 14th January – 5:30 PM
(Italy 2019)
directed by Riccardo Milani
starring Paola Cortellesi, Stefano Fresi

Free entrance reserved for Members

Giovanna is a meek and boring woman, who divides her time between working at the Ministry and her daughter Martina’s school commitments. Behind her dull facade, Giovanna is actually a secret agent, engaged in highly dangerous international missions. On the occasion of a reunion among old high school friends, the glorious Fantastic 5, amidst memories and laughter, Giovanna listens to everyone’s stories and realizes that, just like her, they are all forced to endure daily small and big absurd harassments. With all the means at her disposal and thanks to the most extravagant disguises, she will create hilarious situations that will help bring order back into her life and the lives of the people she cares about.

Free entrance reserved for Members
The Goldoni Theater Friends Association and “La Goldonetta” Cinema Friends Association
Registrations are received at the Friends of the Theater headquarters at “Il Quadrifoglio” Antiques, via Mayer 63/A
Membership fees: Theater Friends card: € 40, valid for one year
“La Goldonetta” Cinema Friends Association card: € 30, valid for one year

But what does your BRAIN tell you?
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