Lorenzini presents “179 Degrees (imperfect triangle)”
  • Sun 18 February 2024
Libreria Feltrinelli,
Via Di Franco, 12

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Lorenzini presents “179 Degrees (imperfect triangle)”

On Sunday 18 February at 6pm, a new appointment at the Feltrinelli Livorno Bookstore. Eugenio Lorenzini presents “179 Degrees (imperfect triangle)”, Albatros.

Eugenio Lorenzini is waiting for readers his book, an original story in which three tales and three people are intertwined by a common thread. An invisible and mysterious thread that binds the characters of the story, thanks to testimonies collected even many years apart from each other. Different versions of a story that seem not to converge and that contain and express a secret that binds them.

Eugenio Lorenzini, born in 1965 in Livorno, graduated from the scientific high school and began collaborating with the Florentine publishing house Ed.a.i. at 16, writing national aeronautics modeling articles for a magazine; the collaboration lasted for ten years and expanded over the years to articles concerning the world of electronics, a subject in which he graduated in Pisa in April 1991. After military service in the navy as an officer and some work experiences in the field of radar meteorology and software automation, for over twenty years he has worked in an internationally renowned metalworking company. His first novel, “1808 (almost a story)” won the first prize at the 2006 Torino Città amica competition. He published in e-book a second novel, “The Illustrator” in 2012.

Lorenzini presents “179 Degrees (imperfect triangle)”
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