The shadow of CANTERVILLE
  • Mon 3 June 2024

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The shadow of CANTERVILLE

Monday, June 3rd 21 Goldonetta
Theater Workshop for Kids
The Canterville Ghost
Directed by Alessandra Donati and Deborah di Girolamo

Acquista il biglietto

Maybe it’s the dream of all human beings to remain alive forever, but at what cost? The Ghost of Canterville, protagonist of the homonymous tale by Oscar Wilde, death is denied and the eternal “life” of the shadow becomes a punishment for his sins, first of all the murder of his wife. Only forgiveness can lift the curse and give him peace. Forgiveness is difficult to obtain after the arrival of the American Otis family, who invades the rooms of Canterville with arrogance and superficiality.
The Teatro Ragazzi group of the Fondazione Teatro Goldoni, led by teachers Deborah Di Girolamo and Alessandra Donati, fascinated by the theme, stages a study on Wilde’s work read in a feminine key where roles are reversed: the Ghost is actually a woman, Eleonor, wife of Sir Simon di Canterville, dead by his hand.

The shadow of CANTERVILLE
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