Livorno – Through the waterways
  • Sun 19 November 2023
Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo (MUSMED),
via Roma 234

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Livorno – Through the waterways

Sunday, November 19th, at 4:30 PM, at the Mediterranean Natural History Museum, via Roma 234, the new book dedicated to the city of Livorno in a new photographic story: Livorno-Through the waterways (Bandecchi & Vivaldi) by photographer Luigi Angelica will be presented.

The book, which is part of the collection of photographic volumes already published by Luigi Angelica, is a journey through images and emotions that explode in all their energy in the reflections, of lights and humanity, of the waterways that cross the city. It is introduced and moderated by Fiorella Chiappi, president of the C.O.R.I Communication and Research Institute. In addition to the author, the Tourism Councillor Rocco Garufo, the Culture Councillor Simone Lenzi, journalists Mauro Zucchelli and Giuseppe Mascambruno, Maria Lia Papi from the Livornese Association of History, Letters, and Arts, and Ilario Luperini, an art critic and historian, are also involved. Intermissions: Reading with Eleonora Zacchi, actress and artistic director of the Il Grattacielo Art Center, and Riccardo De Francesca, actor in the Il Grattacielo Art Center. On double bass, Giulio Boschi, musician, composer. During the presentation, videos and slide shows will be screened.

The book is curated by the Click Art Livorno Association; artistic direction by Ingrid Peckmann; photographs, graphic design, and layout by Luigi Angelica. Translations by Sarah Thompson.

“What I propose in this book is the opportunity to explore a stretch of the city, known and in many aspects familiar, in an unusual vision. A rediscovery of Medicean Livorno through photographs full of passion, in a personal representation filled with small stories.

A work conceived not as a tourist guide, but as a rediscovery of the places, monuments, squares, and fortresses that alternate along the path, bearing witness to the coexistence of cultures, religions, and life stories. Large-scale urban photos characterized by meditative atmospheres alternate with moments of lived life in constant evolution. While the place changes in its daily and seasonal view, vibrant life unfolds minute by minute, and the canals become the center of life and celebration for the people of Livorno.

The dark, elusive, unrecognizable, and impenetrable figures, present in many foreground images, become primary interlocutors of the main subject – the urban landscape – and give vitality to what the city shows us.

Moments of light and ways of living in an incomparable civic context of a city that offers not only to visitors but also to its inhabitants wonderful spectacles.

In these images, I want to share with you the emotional moments I felt during the shots, observing with the heart, with the eyes, and with the mind this Livorno, deserving of being looked at more curiously, respectfully, attentively, and engagingly.” (Luigi Angelica)

Luigi Angelica – A native Tuscan (born January 25, 1944, in Lucca), cultivates an extreme passion for photography. He learns the art of photography and the dark room during the 1960s. As a photojournalist, he documents those social events that Castiglioncello offered at the time due to the presence of great names from the entertainment and cinema world.

In this way, his images are continuously published in newspapers and magazines. At the same time, in the amateur field, he distinguishes himself with his research images, accumulating prizes and recognitions in national and international competitions. After completing his studies in industrial chemistry, he moves to Milan to practice as a research chemist. His strong interest in photography leads him to come into contact with the famous Circolo Fotografico Milanese, getting to know authoritative names in Italian photography. He attends specialized schools in Munich, Basel, Schaffhausen, Zurich, and Milan, and with the help of his wife Ingrid, an unparalleled collaborator, he opens the Via De Sanctis, 34 studio in Livorno in 1971, where he has carried out his activity for about forty-five years, mainly dealing with industrial, commercial, and artistic photography. He was a member of TAU VISUAL professionals in visual communication. QIP and QEP (Italian and European qualifications for professional photographers) are the certifications he received at the 2002 World Photography Congress held in Orvieto. He teaches photography in public schools and writes technical articles on photography for current affairs and leisure magazines. He conducts courses, workshops, and thematic seminars in promotion of photographic art. He is the president of the Click Art Cultural Association, a qualified reference point for fine art photography in Livorno. He is currently involved in the publishing world for the production of photographic books that tell stories of cities.

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Livorno – Through the waterways
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