Livorno in the Center. Livornese Art and Culture at the Center of Attention.
  • From Fri 29 September to Sun 1 October
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Livorno in the Center. Livornese Art and Culture at the Center of Attention.

The shows of the Festival that will alternate during the three days of programming will start from 10 am in the morning and will end by midnight.

There will be 43 scheduled events and each location will offer high-quality performances.

The program of the “Livorno al Centro. Arte e Cultura Livornese al Centro dell’attenzione” festival is becoming richer and more interesting. Like every year, the festival will take place in the city of Livorno, offering various attractions for an entire weekend, from Friday, September 29th to Sunday, October 1st. All performances will be free.

The idea of the festival, now in its eighth edition, was born from the need to revitalize the city center and the desire to enhance Livorno’s artistic and cultural talents.

The festival is organized by the RIKI Cultural Association in collaboration with the Municipality of Livorno and with the support of the Goldoni Theater Foundation and other local institutions and organizations such as the Naval Academy of Livorno, the local associations, the tour guides, the Natural Shopping Centers, and the commercial activities in the city center.

The initiative was presented today at the Town Hall by the Culture Councilor Simone Lenzi and the organizer Riccardo Della Ragione.

This edition is characterized by a wealth of proposals and the involvement of international partners. The Porta a Mare location, in particular, will host the national premiere of the presentation of the “Bizzarrini 5300 GT Revival Corsa” to the general public. An event that strengthens the collaboration between the “Livorno al Centro” festival, which awarded the late Giotto Bizzarrini in the last edition, and the enthusiasts of the supercars he built.

The historic brand “Bizzarrini Livorno” in 2020, after a change of ownership, has arrived in England to establish a new company that has taken the right path to bring the brand back into the limelight in the automotive world. In addition to the 5300 GT Revival, there will also be the exhibition of the Ferrari Califonia (built during Giotto’s work at Ferrari), the Bizzarrini 1900 GT Europa, and the ISO AC3, which was a representative guest of Bizzarrini’s work at the June Exhibition of “Iso Avventura” organized at the MAUTO of Turin. And to conclude in style, as tradition of the Bizzarrini car rallies organized by Riccardo Della Ragione in our city, the legendary “Macchinetta” (the re-elaborated Fiat Topolino that marks the beginning of the engineer Bizzarrini’s career) will return.

The temporary exhibition “Bizzarrini, il Giotto dell’automobile” and the “Racing Car” drawings by the artist Marco Collini will also be on display again. During the three days, in the conference room of Porta a Mare, it will be possible to listen to high-level speakers from various parts of Italy who will attend this event, including Giotto’s son Pietro Bizzarrini, who has always supported his father, engineer Giuseppe Bizzarrini, who followed in his father’s footsteps working for Alfa Romeo, and Amalia Bizzarrini, the curator of the family brand.

The inaugural concert of the festival will be performed by the “Banda Città di Livorno”, who will begin their performance in Piazza San Jacopo and finish, after an itinerant concert along the Viale Italia promenade, at the Gazebo of Terrazza Mascagni.

After a full program of events, the festival will once again move to Villa Maurogordato Park, where visitors can be enchanted by the recent restorations of the “Serra incantata,” which will host a truly spectacular light and sound installation.

It is in this setting that the festival will conclude with a Classical Music Concert that will serve as the soundtrack to a reading on the history of the Maurogordato family and their era, in which the beauty and seduction of the Park and the Villa shone.

For this eighth edition of the festival, the awarding of Livorno talents, curated by Councilor Simone Lenzi, will take place during the opening day, Friday, September 29th, at 7:30 pm in the square in front of the Teatro Goldoni. Two Livorno talents chosen among the many that the city offers, rock keyboardist Gabriele Lorenzi and graphic artist Stefano Pilato, will be awarded with a gold medal. The awards will be presented by the Culture Councilor Simone Lenzi and the artistic director of the Teatro Goldoni, Emanuele Gamba. The talk show will be hosted by the festival’s artistic director, Riccardo Della Ragione.

The festival performances, which will take place over the three days, will start at 10 am and end before midnight.

There will be 43 events in the program, and each location will offer high-quality performances.

The areas of the city involved are:

– Piazza San Jacopo: Inaugural concert by the Banda Città di Livorno

– Piazza Goldoni: Talk show and Livorno talent awards

– Porta a Mare: Bizzarrini Exhibition and Auto Exhibition

– Terrazza Mascagni: Livorno architecture and Vernacular

– Via San Jacopo: DJ set & Live Sax

– Piazza Matteotti: Pop Music 5&5 and Bio food

– Piazza Attias: Rap – Trap Music and Hip-hop dance

– Piazza Grande: Swing and Cabaret

– Piazza Colonnella: Acoustic Rock

– Via Sardi: Soul Music

– Via Goldoni: Ethnic Music

– Mercato Centrale: Singer-songwriter Music

– Piazza Mazzini: Rock Blues Music

– Piazza dell’Arsenale: Jazz Music

Livorno in the Center. Livornese Art and Culture at the Center of Attention.
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