• Fri 20 October 2023
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Opera Oggi 2023
Friday 20th October, 11 am – Reserved Replica for Schools
A comic opera of deception and love in electronic style
by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

Characters and performers
Livietta Costanza CutaiaTracollo Takaki Kurihara
Fulvia/Faccenda Maria AvolioFaccenda/Fulvia Antonio Tello

Musical arrangement Dario Bassolino – Harpsichord Marco Palumbo – Stage movements Sara Lupoli – Direction Rosario – Technical direction Simone Picardi

The curtains are raised on the seasons of the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno and the first appointment on the bill is “Livietta + Tracollo” in Goldonetta, a light and amusing lyrical work by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. “Livietta e Tracollo” (the original title) is a comic opera of deceit and love, composed of two interludes written in 1734 to be performed during the two intervals of Pergolesi’s dramma per musica Adriano in Siria: the beauty of the music and the comedic verve that animates it guaranteed its success and over time it became an autonomous opera, loved and applauded (also under different titles) throughout Europe in the heart of the 18th century.

The title is part of “Opera Oggi,” the festival organized by the Goldoni Foundation that debuted just one year ago to give visibility and attention to opera compositions for the theater of “today”: “In proposing two new titles for the 2023-24 Season – says Emanuele Gamba, Artistic Director of the Goldoni Foundation – we wanted to innovate even further: here the opening title is certainly not contemporary, it is in fact nearly three centuries old, but its nature and development, the themes it presents, lent themselves well to a “contemporary” reinterpretation. We will discover a rare and delightful title in an “electronic sauce” version, capable of blending singing with the sounds of the harpsichord, closer to our days. What emerges strongly and clearly – he continues – is the beauty of Pergolesi’s musicality and creativity, capable of conquering today as it did then with its verve, in spite of the times and customs.”

The story revolves around the clumsy exploits of a thief (Tracollo) who attempts, with the help of an accomplice (Faccenda), to rob and deceive Livietta through his disguises, but ends up being exposed by her and her friend Fulvia. Between deceit and wordplay, they reach a sudden and unpredictable happy ending: “Vibrant and pulsating, Pergolesi’s music contrasts with a comedic plot that offers extremely interesting points for reflection to investigate very current themes such as identity, disguise, truth, and deception,” says director Rosario Sparno. “Being and appearing: Tracollo pretends to be a woman to deceive and trick, and when he reveals himself to be a man, he does the same; the same happens to Livietta, who pretends to be a man to obtain justice, and continues to seek it even as a woman. In a whirlwind of deceit, the two pretend to be astrologers, madmen, honest people, poor people, rich people, dying people, dead people. And in the end, they both declare their love.”

In a chase of truth and lies, the axis that holds together this comic opera in a fragile balance is shifted by the director to plunge it further into chaos, through the scenic movements of Sara Lupoli, the musical elaboration of Dario Bassolino with Marco Palumbo on the harpsichord: “Even the mimes, in this version as dancers, will be invited to follow the two protagonists in their descent. The original 18th-century score also disguises itself, enveloping itself in electronic sounds and infusing vivacity and cheerfulness into ambiguous reverberations that hint at shadows and lights, fictions and truths. The disguises and roles multiply until they disappear. What remains is love, freed from disguises and roles.”

Characters and performers: Livietta – Costanza Cutaia, Tracollo – Takaki Kurihara, Fulvia/Faccenda – Maria Avolio, Faccenda/Fulvia – Antonio Tello.

After its debut at the Romaeuropa Festival, this production arrives on our stage thanks to the support and contribution of individuals sensitive to the reasons of Theater and art, such as T.O.DELTA and SISAM We Deliver.

Prices: full €5, reduced for students €3 – Tickets available at the ticket office of the Teatro Goldoni on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 1 pm, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Opera Oggi will continue on November 10th and 11th with “The lyric puppet show” by Marco Simoni, directed by Stefano Mecenate.

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