Little Bit Festival – Geppetto 201
  • Fri 6 October 2023

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Little Bit Festival – Geppetto 201

Start at 7.15 pm

Company Dimitri/Canessa and Theaterwerkstatt Gleis 5

Reservation or pre-sale recommended.


Geppetto has a dream. A vision. Pinocchio!
But Pinocchio doesn’t exist. He is just a piece of wood. Geppetto never stops looking for him; under every rock, inside every shark’s belly…
Is Geppetto crazy?!
Maybe. But his incessant pursuit of a son that doesn’t exist speaks to the bright resistance of someone who has devoted their life to a dream. Regardless of everything. It speaks to those who have imagined another possibility, another life, in which poetry can survive in a senseless and violent world.

The show is based on the novel by Fabio Stassi Mastro Geppetto – Sellerio

Little Bit Festival – Geppetto 201
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