Books. “A dissonant samba”
  • Tue 27 February 2024
Libreria Feltrinelli,
via di Franco 12

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Books. “A dissonant samba”

On Tuesday, February 27th at 3pm at the Feltrinelli Bookstore in Livorno, at Via di Franco 12, Rosa de Souza Almeida will sign copies of her new book “Un samba dissonante” (Santelli publisher)

Rose de Souza Almeida lived for a long time in Brazil in Salvador Bahia, in the same place that serves as the background for “A Dissonant Samba”, Itacimirim-Praia do Forte. In 2021, she published her first novel, Amanda and the Mavi Deniz (PSe publisher).

In the new novel, the author tells about her Brazil, with its traditions, its lights, its colors and its shadows. An enchanting stay in Praia do Forte is interrupted by a crime and Sara’s harmony, the protagonist of the story, will be shaken. Divided between the attentions of Diego, a charming dancer, and Fulvio, brother of her friend Anna, Sara will find herself guarding a murky secret destined to emerge: the dissonant samba will finally close its off-key note.
In a novel that unfolds agilely, we discover Brazil, the secret that binds the protagonist and the plot of an increasingly captivating mystery. Rosa de Souza Almeida awaits all readers to sign copies of the novel.

Books. “A dissonant samba”
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