Books. “I WILL NOT WRITE YOUR STORY” by Stefania D’Echabur.
  • Wed 6 December 2023
Aula Magna dell’Istituto Vespucci-Colombo,
Via Chiarini, 1

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Books. “I WILL NOT WRITE YOUR STORY” by Stefania D’Echabur.

Wednesday, December 6th, 6:00 PM

Livorno – Aula Magna of the Vespucci-Colombo Institute, Via Chiarini, 1

book presentation by

Stefania D’Echabur




Wednesday, December 6th, at 6:00 PM, in the Aula Magna of the Vespucci-Colombo Institute at Via Chiarini 1, Rosanna Fatighenti presents the book by Stefania D’Echabur I WON’T WRITE YOUR STORY (Erasmo Libri – Edizioni del Boccale). The event is organized by the Vespucci-Colombo Library.

“I Won’t Write Your Story” unfolds in a dialogue between past and present through a stream of consciousness on the register of memory and introspection. A sincere story written with authenticity, with the hope that it can be a vehicle for those who read it to find tools of courage to speak about lives that are too often silenced out of fear and that feed mental and material prisons. The narrative, despite its dramatic nature, offers colorful insights and a modern fabric that passes through the social medium of Facebook, useful in this case to trace the love of an elderly mother for her daughters.

Stefania D’Echabur, a freelance journalist, was born and lives in Livorno. From a young age, she cultivates cultural and social interests. She collaborates with the monthly magazine “Livorno Non Stop” and is involved in projects related to the enhancement of the city. Works and theatrical performances are born from her encounter with Francesca Talozzi. After the publication of some short stories, this is her first novel.

INFO: Erasmo Edizioni – Edizioni del Boccale – Livorno – Via Borra, 35, 3rd floor – Palazzo HuigensCell. 3396376985 – Email: – Website:

Vespucci-Colombo Institute, Via Chiarini, 1: Tel. 0586-893297 – 893228; Fax: 0586-889061; Email: .

Books. “I WILL NOT WRITE YOUR STORY” by Stefania D’Echabur.
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