Books. “HALF GARDEN, HALF PRISON” at the kiosk of Villa Fabbricotti
  • Mon 24 June 2024
Villa Fabbricotti

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Books. “HALF GARDEN, HALF PRISON” at the kiosk of Villa Fabbricotti

Monday, June 24, 6.30 pm Livorno – Kiosk of Villa Fabbricotti Book presentation by

Alessia La Villa and Leandro Vanni “HALF GARDEN, HALF PRISON.”

Words of prison in Italian music

(ERIKSON, 2024)

Monday, June 24th, the second appointment of the book and author presentation program by the Vespucci Colombo Library in collaboration with Erasmo Libri.

At 6:30 PM, at the Chioschino di Villa Fabbricotti, the book by Alessia La Villa and Leandro Vanni “HALF GARDEN, HALF PRISON. – The words of the prison in Italian music (Erikson, 2024) will be presented by Stefania D’Echabur.

Just published in the essay series by the Centro Studi Erickson Publishing House “Half garden, half prison. The words of the prison in Italian music” represents a simple and ambitious project at the same time. To tell the story of the prison and its protagonists through the musical songs that Italian artists have dedicated to this often uncomfortable theme from the post-war period to the present day. The authors of the book, who experience the reality of the prison every day from different angles: Alessia La Villa as an educator, and Leandro Vanni as an inspector of the Penitentiary Police, offer a long journey.

Following the chronological thread of History with a capital letter with its days and events, the authors have focused their attention on the words that Italian singer-songwriters have chosen to tell the stories that “overcrowd” the prison.

In this journey, we will have the opportunity to know Michè by De Andrè, a suicidal inmate, Dalla’s lifer, Gaber’s young Cerutti Gino, De Gregori’s man released from prison, Vecchioni’s Mr. Judge, the prison guards who arrived “From the Goats” by Lolli, Hitler ending up in prison with Piero Ciampi, the prison of 1975, the year of the Penitentiary System Reform, narrated in Gianni Siviero’s album.

We will enter Curcio’s cell with Baccini, Silvia Baraldini’s overseas cell with Guccini, the Mantellate and San Vittore’s prisons with Ornella Vanoni.

The text, which reaches the present day with Silvestri, Mannarino, and many other authors, aims to reverse the garden/prison pairing that could almost seem like an oxymoron, highlighting how even the prison can become “fertile” provided that it is able to be fertilized (from diamonds nothing is born, from manure flowers are born) and never turning away.

Unlike many texts, this essay presents a “non-conclusion” precisely to highlight everyone’s commitment to write one more page on a subject that should never be silenced because, as Guccini sang: “Only ignorance is frightening and silence is the same as death.”

Alessia La Villa: Lives and works in Livorno. For about fifteen years she has been involved in re-education within prisons. She has coordinated projects related to parenting, affection, and the spread of music and theater in prison. Author of stories and articles on prison and music, this is her first essay.

Leandro Vanni: Chief Inspector of the Penitentiary Police. Lives and works in Livorno. A connoisseur of contemporary history. He is passionate about art and singer-songwriter music. This is his first essay.

INFO: Vespucci-Colombo Library Institute, email:

Books. “HALF GARDEN, HALF PRISON” at the kiosk of Villa Fabbricotti
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