Books. “Livorno through the waterways” by Luigi Angelica
  • From Tue 5 December to Sun 10 December,
  • Sat 16 December 2023.

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Books. “Livorno through the waterways” by Luigi Angelica

The photographer Luigi Angelica on display

From Tuesday, December 5th to Sunday, December 10th

Livorno – COIN Store, Piazza Attias

with the book



Saturday, December 16th

Livorno – exhibition spaces of the Click Art Association, Via De Sanctis, 34

with the photography exhibition


From Tuesday, December 5th to Sunday, December 10th, the photographer Luigi Angelica will be present at the COIN Store with his latest book “Livorno through the waterways”. On this occasion, there will also be a preview of the photographic exhibition “FUSION”, which will officially open on Saturday, December 16th at 4:30pm at the exhibition spaces of the Click Art Association, located at Via De Sanctis, 34.

At COIN, some images created by Angelica, born from the fusion of two photographs, will be shown. The overlays of objects and the chromatic combination change the real representation of the subject; an ambiguous, interpretive, or fantastic representation according to the author’s aesthetic vision.

Luigi Angelica, certified Q.E.P. photographer from Livorno, will be at COIN in the afternoons of Friday, December 8th, Saturday, December 9th, and Sunday, December 10th, to illustrate his artistic work and the reasons that lead him to engage in editorial projects dedicated to the city.

“What I propose in this book,” emphasizes Angelica, “is the possibility of exploring a stretch of the city, known and in many ways usual, in an unusual vision. A rediscovery of Medicean Livorno through passionate photographs, in a personal and full representation of small stories. A work conceived not as a tourist guide, but as a rediscovery of places, monuments, squares, fortresses that alternate during the journey and testify to the coexistence of cultures, religions, and life stories. With the images contained in this book, I want to share with you those emotional moments that I experienced during the shot, observing Livorno with my heart, eyes, and mind, which is worthy of being looked at in a more curious, respectful, attentive, and engaging way.”

Luigi Angelica – Born in Lucca on January 25th, 1944, he cultivates an extreme passion for photography. He learns the art of photography and the darkroom during the 1960s. As a photojournalist, he documents the social events that Castiglioncello offered during that time, thanks to the presence of big names in show business and cinema.

That’s how his images are continuously published in newspapers and magazines. At the same time, in the amateur field, he stands out with his research images, accumulating awards and recognitions in national and international competitions. After completing his studies in industrial chemistry, he moves to Milan to work as a research chemist. His strong interest in photography leads him to come into contact with the famous Milanese Photographic Club, where he meets influential names in Italian photography. He attends specialization schools in Munich, Basel, Schaffhausen, Zurich, and Milan, and with the help of his wife Ingrid, an incomparable collaborator, he opens his studio at Via De Sanctis, 34 in Livorno in 1971, where he has been carrying out his activities for about forty-five years, mainly focusing on industrial, commercial and artistic photography. He has been a member of TAU VISUAL professionals in visual communication. QIP and QEP (Italian and European professional photographer qualifications) are the certifications he received at the 2002 World Congress of Photography held in Orvieto. He teaches photography in public schools, writes editorial articles on photographic techniques for current and leisure magazines. He holds courses, workshops, and thematic seminars to promote photographic art. He is the president of the Click Art Cultural Association, a qualified reference point for fine art photography in Livorno. He is involved in the editorial world in the production of photographic books that tell stories of cities.

Essential bibliography: From the pediatrician; Tuscan landscapes; My Africa; Cuba; The Rocks of Calafuria; Livorno Usual and Unusual: The Coast (vol. 1), Venice (vol. 2); Livorno, the port of ports; Livorno, the port and its people; Viareggio carnival workshop. Livorno Line 1, A tourist from the sea, Pisa beyond the Square, Movements, The big metal boxes, Scali Saffi, 27 … to the central market of Livorno.

Books. “Livorno through the waterways” by Luigi Angelica
  • Books. “Livorno through the waterways” by Luigi Angelica
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