Books. “La Catena” by Tiziana De Felice
  • Fri 22 September 2023

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Books. “La Catena” by Tiziana De Felice

Friday 22 September, 6:30 PM

appointment with the book by

Tiziana De Felice



Friday, September 22nd, from 6:30 PM, at Bottega del Caffè on Viale Caprera 35, an art and music aperitif in memory of Tiziana De Felice, writer and painter, organized by the social cooperative FAST with the participation of the Municipality of Livorno.

At 7:00 PM, the posthumous book of Tiziana De Felice LA CATENA (Erasmo Edition – 2023) will be presented, while her artworks will be exhibited in the seventeenth-century premises of the Bottega. During the evening, there will be a live acoustic music performance by the Duo Trenta Corde, composed of guitarists and singers Andrea Leonardi and Riccardo Carboncini.

INFO aperitif reservation 10 Euro: Giacomo 39143439709; Laura 3384803349.

The proceeds will be donated to the “Insieme per costruire” Association.

Tiziana De Felice, an anesthesiologist and resuscitator. In 2009, she published a monograph on her painting activity for PerArte Edizioni. With Erasmo Libri, she published I’ve Put My Face On It (2016), Raccontatarocchi (2019), and some stories in the collections curated by the Qwerty writing workshop.

Graduated from the School of Diction and Acting directed by Enzina Conte, she was part of the Vertigo Theater Company in Livorno, participating in many theatrical works (“The Descent from Mount Morgan”, “The Seahorse”, “8 Women and a Mystery”, “G as Gaber”, “Italian Lounge”, “Neon: D”); the “Essere o non essere…” workshop of the Goldoni Foundation in Livorno. She participated in numerous productions (“The Merry Wives of Windsor”, “Exemplary Crimes”, “The Decameron”, “The Weeping of the Madonna”); the Spazio Teatro company with which she participated in “Harvey” and “The Bourgeois Gentleman”.

She participated in numerous national painting awards and competitions, receiving important recognition. Some of her artworks are in private collections (Moscow, London, Milan).

Books. “La Catena” by Tiziana De Felice
  • Books. “La Catena” by Tiziana De Felice
  • Books. “La Catena” by Tiziana De Felice
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