Books. “The photo bag”
  • Thu 16 November 2023

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Books. “The photo bag”

Thursday 16 November

Thursday 16 November

at 18:00

Where? At the Feltrinelli bookstore in Livorno

Roberto Mola presents

“The photo bag”

Felici publisher

Speakers: Ugo Parollo and Fabrizio Felici


“The Bag of Photos” is first and foremost a true story. The story of a family who lived through the Fascist Era and the Italian colonial adventure in the Horn of Africa. On an ordinary day, the son of the protagonists finds an old bag belonging to his parents, Tullio and Fernanda. Inside, there are photos, letters, and even notes and diaries from that period. This sparks the desire to reconstruct that family puzzle, so that nothing is lost forever. And, almost magically, as if guided by the protagonists themselves, everything fits into the historical context in which the events unfolded. Two lives experiencing an adventure at times idyllic, at times dramatic.
The son finds himself reliving, at seventy years of age and nearly a hundred years after the events, the emotions his parents experienced and which are part of the family’s oral memory.

Books. “The photo bag”
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