Books. Francesco Del Zoppo presents “Sicut Cervus”
  • Fri 22 March 2024

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Books. Francesco Del Zoppo presents “Sicut Cervus”

Friday 22nd March

6.00 pm

At the Feltrinelli Bookstore in Livorno

Francesco Del Zoppo


“Sicut Cervus”

Mario Luzi Foundation


Introduction and interpretation by: Rita Ristori

Speakers: Maria Rita Battaglia, Sandra Cavallini

Musical performances by Paolo Morelli (bass) and Giorgio Maroni (piano)

The title of this collection is almost entirely the incipit of Psalm 42 (from the “Book of Psalms” of the Holy Bible).
“Just as the deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for You” is a path without space and without time, where emotional action perpetuates; an egocentric, subjective, guided path by the flow of memory, affection, nostalgia, permeated by a melancholic pessimism without salvation.

The protagonist of “Sicut Cervus” is the Woman, a woman who proves to be both life and death, external and internal beauty. Female figures are revealed as much imaginary as factual, personifications of the true subject of the work: life.
Francesco Del Zoppo is a teacher of Secondary Education. In teaching activity, he stands out for the experimentation and application of innovative methodological and didactic principles and tools for which he has won numerous national awards. He is a trainer at the “Scuola Oltre”.

Books. Francesco Del Zoppo presents “Sicut Cervus”
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