Books. “Precarious Diary”
  • Thu 23 November 2023
Libreria Feltrinelli,
via di Franco, 12

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Books. “Precarious Diary”

Thursday, November 23 at 6pm, new appointment at the Feltrinelli Bookstore in Via Di Franco.
Giuseppe Luongo presents “Diario precario” by Aletti editore

On Thursday, November 23rd at 6pm, a new event will take place at the Feltrinelli Bookstore on Via Di Franco. Giuseppe Luongo presents “Diario precario” by Aletti editore. Diario precario is a collection composed of 70 selected poems out of over six hundred, divided into ten paragraphs that grasp the thread of time and compose the mosaic of a certainly personal and at the same time collective story. A long collection work by the author, made of images, thoughts, needs, and personal memories. A collection that, for the author himself, turns out to be precarious, as precarious is the human, individual and collective condition.

Interesting fact: the preface is curated by Alessandro Quasimodo, author, poet, and literary critic, son of the famous Nobel Prize winner for literature. It is Quasimodo himself who highlights the existential charge of Luongo’s poetry and the strength of his verses in being able to claim great social battles, with a particular memory of the Bologna massacre and the Moby Prince.

Books. “Precarious Diary”
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