Books. “Ancient and Modern Grains” by Monia Caramma
  • Sat 18 May 2024

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Books. “Ancient and Modern Grains” by Monia Caramma

Saturday 18 May at 16, at Lake Alberto (Guasticce), inside the evocative Licia Arena, the natural amphitheater made with the trunks of trees cultivated within the company, Tenuta Bellavista Insuese will host Monia Caramma


On Saturday, May 18th at 4pm, at Lake Alberto (Guasticce), inside the suggestive Arena Licia, the natural amphitheater made with the trees’ trunks growing within the Tenuta Bellavista Insuese will host Monia Caramma, Sustainable Food Researcher and expert in grains, for the presentation of her book “Ancient and Modern Grains. Why knowing the variety of flour you eat can change your life” (published by Mind Edizioni).

The event is organized by Tenuta Bellavista Insuese for the 10th anniversary from the launch event of flours made with ancient grains grown in the certified organic farm. Introduced by Lorenzo Bacci, former mayor of Collesalvetti, journalist and author of the book “V. Vitarelli, Glass, Life. The story of Alberto Vitarelli” (published by Bellavista Insuese), dedicated to the founder of Tenuta Bellavista Insuese, Monia Caramma will lead an engaging debate, also open to participants’ questions, on the different types of flours and the benefits and goodness of ancient grains. Alongside her, master baker Claudio Pozzi, to whom the Estate has always entrusted the bread-making workshops periodically organized on the farm.

“It will be a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding of grains and their multiple uses,” said the owner of Tenuta Bellavista Insuese, Sabina Vitarelli, who then added: “The decision to allocate hundreds of hectares of agricultural land to the cultivation of ancient grains was, on our part, a heartfelt choice dictated by the love for the land that has seen us grow and still hosts our family today. It was also an ethical choice: food is life, and to be ‘healthy life’, decisions that are not only driven by business must be put at the center.”

At the end of the presentation, Tenuta Bellavista Insuese will offer a tasting of products made with the estate’s organic ancient grain flours to the attendees.

The press and all citizens are invited to participate.

For organizational reasons, please book your virtual ticket (free) following the links on the internet page and social channels of the Estate (, FB: tenutabellavistainsuese).

For info, it is possible to contact via WhatsApp message at 3931457100.

NB: the Arena Licia, inside Lake Alberto, is reached by arriving in the town of Guasticce and following the direction of the Sports Field; coming from Livorno, turn right after the Pharmacy in Via della Chiesa.

Books. “Ancient and Modern Grains” by Monia Caramma
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