Books. “White Flower” by Serena Antonella Tria
  • Thu 7 March 2024

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Books. “White Flower” by Serena Antonella Tria

Thursday 7 March at 6pm at the Feltrinelli bookstore in Livorno Serena Antonella Tria presents “White Flower” Bookabook

A new voice, a new author for a very current novel, the raw story of three sisters, three strong girls living in Bari before the outbreak of World War II. Three girls, three women who, despite their desire for happiness and tranquility, often find themselves at the mercy of moods, selfishness, and male desires.
Michele D’Amore’s life is about to change forever. And not because she is about to get married, but because she discovers a different name from hers on her birth and baptismal documents that she has never heard before: Carmelo Biancofiore. So Michele, in search of the truth, finds herself catapulted back in time, at the beginning of the history of the Biancofiore family in the Bari of the twenties. Nicola Biancofiore is the man of the house, raised with a patriarchal and sometimes violent upbringing, who tries to provide his three daughters with a respectful future. Despite his authoritative presence, however, destiny does not seem to favor any of the three, who find themselves in situations they never imagined. Eleonora, Clelia, and Anita will be forced to come to terms with a society governed by men, where it seems impossible to make their voices and rights heard.
The story of the Biancofiore family unfolds in Michele’s hands, allowing her to rediscover the identity and family she didn’t even know she had lost.
The author awaits all readers with a small gift.
Serena Tria – Born in Conversano (BA) and shows interest in art in various forms: figurative, martial, graphic, and narrative. A practitioner of Shaolin Kung Fu and Taijiquan, she approaches Chinese and Japanese philosophy and art. In recent years, she has added to her interests the practice of the art of Shodo, which has been a common thread among figurative art, movement art, and narration. “Bianco Fiore” is her first novel.

Books. “White Flower” by Serena Antonella Tria
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