LibrArti: appointments on art
  • Fri 1 September 2023,
  • Fri 8 September 2023,
  • from Fri 15 September to Sat 16 September,
  • Tue 26 September 2023.

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LibrArti: appointments on art

Five conferences with numerous authors, dedicated to themes and artists of the Livorno landscape.
The initiative is designed to enhance the library heritage of the museum and spend some afternoons in the name of art in the framework of Villa Mimbelli Park

The third edition of the cycle of meetings “LibrArti: appointments on art” begins on Friday, September 1st at 5pm in front of the Library of the Civic Museum Giovanni Fattori.

The start of this series of meetings, on September 1st, sees as protagonists the collective “Skimmers,” an innovative avant-garde art group from Livorno, presenting themselves to the city of Livorno after their debut exhibition in Trassilico.

The following week, on September 8th, there will be the presentation of the catalog of the exhibition “Dreaming of Corsairs”: an exhibition currently taking place at the Bottini dell’Olio and investigating the relationship between the Alinari Foundation and the territory and city of Livorno. The meeting will feature the intervention of the curator of the exhibition, Rita Scartoni.

The protagonist of the third meeting, on September 15th, is instead one of the most important artists of Tuscan art in the 20th century: the Livorno painter Giovanni March. In the last spring, a significant and exhaustive exhibition was dedicated to him in our city, and we will present it again through the presentation of the catalog, in the presence of the curator Michele Pierleoni.

On September 16th, the appointment is intended for children with the presentation of the new edition of “Lo Sciagatto e il collezionista di piume,” by Cecilia Biasci and Cristina Donnini.

The LibrArti series will conclude with the presentation of the catalog of “Simone Bianchi. The Art of Superheroes” on Tuesday, September 26th. This is the catalog of the exhibition taking place at the Granai di Villa Mimbelli until November 12th. Simone Bianchi, an established comic book artist also recognized internationally, and Giorgio Bacci, the curator of the exhibition, will take part.

The initiative is organized by the Municipality of Livorno, in collaboration with the cooperatives Agave, Itinera, and CoopCulture, with the participation of the Livorno Foundation.

LibrArti: appointments on art
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