The Golden Age of Italian raunchy comedy.
  • Sat 13 January 2024

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The Golden Age of Italian raunchy comedy.

Saturday, January 13th, at 16.30, in the Auditorium Museo Storia Naturale, the Lecture will be on “The Body of a period. The golden age of Italian sexy comedy” with Pier Dario Marzi, a film language expert

Classes of Cinema “The history, the stories” will resume after the holiday break of Christmas and the end of the year. These classes are organized in synergy between 50+ University of Livorno, Centro Studi Commedia all’italiana, Erasmo Libri Editore, and the Kinoglaz Cinema Circle, which have been promoting film culture in the local area for years.

On Saturday, January 13th, at 4:30 pm, in the Auditorium Museo Storia Naturale, the lecture will be on “The Body of a Period. The golden age of bawdy Italian comedy” with Pier Dario Marzi, an expert in film language.

Italian comedy during the 1960s served as a distorting mirror of the economic boom period. The events of 1968 and the years of lead abruptly interrupted that happy season of our cinema, which, thanks to the enormous revolution of customs, embarked on a path of exaggerating genres, themes, and content. In the 1970s, comedy became more explicit and bawdy, entering the bedrooms of Italians through the mythical keyhole. The vices and excesses of our country were highlighted, and a crowd of character actors and showgirls populated the erotic dreams of Italians during that period. With lightness, we revisit that time when cinema managed to stay alive thanks to the verve and audacity of its protagonists.

Pier Dario Marzi, a professor of History and Philosophy at Vallisneri high school in Lucca, is an expert in film language. He promotes and curates cineforums and cinema-related events, serves as vice president of Cineforum Ezechiele 25,17 in Lucca, collaborates with the specialized magazine Cabiria and the periodical OreUndici, and has produced over a hundred educational and award-winning documentary short films. His latest work is “The Wandering Coach,” a documentary about coach Ernst Erbstein, integrated with film language training courses that he has been promoting in schools for over twenty years.

INFO: 50+ Association Livorno Via Serristori 15, phone: 0586 881128 – 3420459699

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Coordination: Prof. Gianfranco Panariello (50+ University Livorno); Artistic Direction: Prof. Massimo Ghirlanda (Centro Studi Commedia all’Italiana); Press Office: Maurizio Mini.

A certification will be provided to participating students in the series of meetings to potentially earn school credit.

The Golden Age of Italian raunchy comedy.
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