The Coppa Risi’atori
  • Sun 2 June 2024
Darsena Nuova-Scali Novi Lena-Piazza Mazzini

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The Coppa Risi’atori

The first race of the Labronico Rowing Triptych

The first race in chronological order of the famous “Trittico Remiero” of Livorno is the Coppa Risiatori, dedicated to Tito Neri, which recalls the historical figures of the “Risicatori”, port workers who every day challenged the sea aboard small rowing boats to be the first to reach the ships to unload. A very difficult test, the sea marathon, from Meloria to Darsena Nuova. In Livorno it is also known as the Marathon of the Sea.
The race, as tradition dictates, will end in Straborgo. A big screen is planned in Piazza Mazzini showing the beautiful images taken by drones.

The Coppa Risi’atori
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