JONATHAN CANINI “I’m Going to Live with Myself”
  • Sat 2 March 2024
Teatro Goldoni

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JONATHAN CANINI “I’m Going to Live with Myself”

Saturday 2nd March, 9 PM
Jonathan Canini in

“I’m Going to Live with Myself”

Prepare to eat, set the washing machine, do the separate collection, iron clothes, and turn on the heating. Scenes of everyday life that can become nightmares if it’s the first time. Jonathan Canini, a top performer of the new Tuscan comedy, will arrive on Wednesday, November 15, at 9 pm at the Goldoni Theater and brings with him the brand new show “I’m Going to Live with Myself”.
Tickets are available on and at the Boxoffice Tuscany outlets
Jonathan Canini has left the nest of mom and dad and has gone to live on his own. An hilarious experience that the actor and comedian relives in this show written together with another ace of comedy, Walter Santillo (who also directs).
After the stratospheric success achieved with “Cappuccetto Rozzo” – over 25,000 spectators, three years of replays – Canini returns with the same verve that has made him famous on social media as well as in theater, to tell the vicissitudes we encounter when we enter a new house all of our own. The inspiration comes from real events and extraordinary misadventures. All of this, of course, with the presence of his characters, who have made him famous, and who accompany him everywhere. And who, completely, never let him go.
Not yet thirty, Jonathan Canini is among the heirs of the Tuscan comedy tradition, that of TV programs like Vernice Fresca and Aria Fresca, artists like Benvenuti and Nuti, Pieraccioni and Panariello, passing through Ruffini and Ceccherini… A success that owes much to the web and social networks, where Jonathan’s clips have hundreds of thousands of views. But Canini’s strength, from the very beginning, has been to seek direct contact with the audience, on stage, in front of a live audience.

JONATHAN CANINI “I’m Going to Live with Myself”
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