Caprilli Racecourse – Season 2024
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Caprilli Racecourse – Season 2024

The ENGLISH THOROUGHBREDS will have two main handicaps available, the Livorno Prize on Sunday, July 21 and the 79th Coppa del Mare scheduled for Friday, August 16 this year, as established by the MASAF calendar. On the same day, another race of great tradition, the Labronico Criterium (for 2-year-old foals) and a great novelty: a Group 2 race reserved for the noble breed of ARABIAN THOROUGHBREDS.

The horse racing company Sistema Cavallo S.r.l. is pleased to announce the start of the horse racing season 2024 at the “Federico Caprilli” racecourse, with the appointment set for Wednesday, June 5th at 7.45pm, the only pre-evening event of the season.

This will be the fourth year of management of the Livorno racecourse by this company, which unfortunately is still operating on a provisional basis while waiting for the publication of the public-private partnership tender by the Livorno Municipality that will assign the management of the facility for the next 20 years. The tender will be published this week on the Municipality’s website.

Despite the difficulties that this situation entails, Sistema Cavallo has done its best, and more, to welcome the public of enthusiasts, many of whom are young, significantly lowering the average age of Italian racecourse attendees. This year, the lighting system will be temporary, with the rental of 57 light towers that will be operational from the opening evening.

The start time of night races (officially starting on June 6 according to the MASAF calendar) this year will be at 8.45pm or 9.20pm, depending on whether there are 6 or 5 races scheduled to allow the participation of those who want to spend the day at the sea.

The days assigned by MASAF for the entire 2024 are 25 (18 in summer and 7 in autumn) and will distribute a total prize money of 812,500 Euros, with an average of 32,500 Euros per day, unfortunately down from 2023.

The summer program will be varied, with races dedicated to the three specialties of flat racing. The Thoroughbred English will have two Main Handicaps, the Premio Livorno on Sunday, July 21st and the 79th Cup of the Sea which is scheduled for Friday, August 16th, as determined by the MASAF calendar. On the same day, another race of great tradition, the Criterium Labronico (for 2-year-old foals) and a big novelty: a Group 2 race reserved for the noble breed of Arabian Thoroughbred. The aim is to attract the participation of important international stables to this race. Even the Anglo-Arabian breed horses will have their Grand Prix day on Sunday, July 14th.

Sistema Cavallo wants to celebrate the start of this season with a truly special evening: in fact, the special guests at “Caprilli” will be Barbara de Rossi and Alba Parietti.

Barbara De Rossi, a Roman actress, has worked in cinema, television, and theater with some of the best Italian and foreign directors and actors. She has played roles ranging from dramatic to light-hearted in comedies and has also been a TV presenter. We have already had her as a guest on the evening of the 2024 Sea Cup.

On her official Instragram page (520,000 followers) she defines herself: a crazy all-in-one, for 40 years on television, Wikipedia teaches. TV presenter, commentator, actress, writer … she is Alba Parietti, the National Dawn.
For the occasion, the evening will be broadcast on EQU TV (Sky channel 220, digital terrestrial channel 151, and Tivùsat channel 51), enriched by the lounge where the two distinguished guests will talk about themselves and their connection with racehorses.

Caprilli Racecourse – Season 2024
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