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Friday, January 19, 8:00 PM
Sunday, January 21, 4:00 PM
New staging, Co-production by Teatro Municipale di Piacenza, Teatro Comunale Pavarotti – Freni di Modena, Teatro Goldoni di Livorno, Teatro dell’Opera Giocosa di Savona, Teatro del Giglio di Lucca

Lyrical drama in four parts with libretto by Salvatore Cammarano
based on the play El Trovador by Antonio Garcia Gutiérrez
Music by Giuseppe Verdi
Conductor Giovanni Di Stefano
Direction, set design, costumes Stefano Monti
Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro Goldoni
Chorus Master Maurizio Preziosi

New production, Co-production of Teatro Municipale di Piacenza, Teatro Comunale Pavarotti – Freni in Modena, Teatro Goldoni in Livorno, Teatro dell’Opera Giocosa in Savona, Teatro del Giglio in Lucca

Il Trovatore has been missing from Livorno since 1996, and entrusting the creation of this intricate Verdi theatrical tale to Maestro Stefano Monti after so many years is a guarantee of great quality. The attentive and passionate baton of Giovanni Di Stefano completes the picture of a highly prestigious production. The stage space is always the means of every staging, especially when dealing with a title like Il Trovatore. An opera with complex dramaturgical aspects, where there is no unity of place, time, and action. Il Trovatore requires a structural and scenotectonic research of great theatricality that knows how to combine the complexity of the four acts and eight scenes with a contemporaneity that requires flexibility and speed in the scene changes. In favor of a smooth narration, without too many interruptions to the dramaturgical flow, as contemporary life flows at an exponential speed compared to the 19th century.

We have worked so that the versatility of the theatrical machinery could satisfy, both in terms of narrative and emotional content, the complexity of Verdi’s title. We could say that the focus on the present is aimed at a certain contemporary art capable of transforming the realistic descriptive monumentality of the past in a modern way.
There are many themes to keep alive throughout the fabula: the theme of fire is a symbol of Il Trovatore, understood as a metaphor for passionate, carnal, sometimes burning and destructive emotions, a metaphor for desires for revenge evoked by the pyre; the theme of shadow becomes an obsession, also understood as darkness, a distinctive feature of this title, understood as nocturnal, and it becomes the darkness of the characters’ experiences.
Above all, the theme of Time of Death.
We are living in a moment of history where many signs seem to speak to us about a humanity on the brink of catastrophe, between wars, climate disasters, and pandemics.
From one apocalypse to another: is there perhaps a bigger apocalypse than the one related to the events of history that loom over us? Yes, the apocalypse of individual individuals when instincts of death prevail over those of life.

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